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They are worth a shot, they're safe, but they didn't work for us. Gummy oil from Kerry's herbals worked better, but when he's super fussy and miserable, unable to sleep, the only thing that works is Tylonol or Motrin. I personally can't watch my baby cry in pain just to retain my "crunchy mommy" badge
Veronica, I would run from that school as fast as I could. The teacher seems very extreme, critical, and like nothing you ever do as a parent will ever be good enough for the school. Are there any other Waldorf schools in the area? I'd start looking. Or possibly all the teachers at the school are not like this one and you'd be able to steer clear of her?
That has happened to my kids at playgroup and it burns me up. It's always the kids who do the baiting that yell bloody murder, crying, putting on such a show when the kid finally does retaliate in even the slightest way too. Fortunatly, at ds's preschool the teachers are very wise to that sort of thing. They'd never take a situation like that at face value, believing that your son would just throw sand at her for standing there if they were not watching first hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopeland I am not happy so we are going to begin homeschooling very soone, 1st grade. By the way be aware that even in K they will expect him toknow letters, numbers, colors,shapes,write his name. My daughter cant tie her shoes yet though I dont worry bout it. The teacher doesnt like to do it but oh well. At ds's school they expect kids to know these things by the end of the year. They are learning colors,...
So far I'm very happy. Ds is only in Kindergarten. It was an adjustment at first, both for me and for him, but now he's very happy there and I'm happy with the school, his teacher, the administration, pretty much everything I'm pretty hard to please too, so that's saying something
We feed our cat Pet Promise. It's free of all animal by products. I was hoping to get some info on the Trader Joes cat food and see if it was any good. The only place I can find the Pet Promise is at a store I rarely go to, so I make a special trip, getting it from TJ's would be so much more convienent.
I had a cat who had kittens and she had them totally weaned by about 8 weeks. Maybe even 7? I know that occasionally they would try to nurse and she'd get up and walk away. She wanted them OFF her, and wasn't attached at all by the time we gave them away at 9 weeks. She was very protective of them for maybe 6 weeks.
I agree with the previous poster. The best thing to do is find a local farmer to buy your produce from. Then you know what you are getting from where. The farm near us has a program where you pay monthly and get a box of fresh produce every week. I really want to sign up for it, but haven't managed to do it yet. I am definatly going to after the holidays :
I'm glad you pulled him. Preschool should be a fun, relaxing, non stressful experience for children if they go. Ita that it isn't absolutely necessary, but my ds has SO much fun there. He wants to go everyday, including the weekends Positive teachers are a must at any age, but especially preschool. The worst thing I've ever heard from ds's teacher is that "Ds doesn't want to put his shoes in the shoe bucket. But he has so many other great qualities that I'm not...
We have the ME Bedwetter pants. The MOE's aren't supposed to be good for heavy wetters. With the ME ones we do end up with leaks sometimes, but if I try to limit drinks and have them pee right before bed, they do okay most nights. Bumpkins also makes overnight undies and I'm thinking of trying some of those. There are also Drymids, which I haven't tried yet either....
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