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I voted deeply in love and committed forever. Our relationship is pretty darn good. We have our disagreements, but we agree on all of the biggies are are still very in love with each other. We have been together for almost 10 yrs, married for 4 and a half. We went to our high school proms together. He was my first everything. We just can't believe how lucky we are!
Very interesting. I know that I could never eat a placenta, but in encapsulated form it wouldn't be so bad. I am sorry ours got thrown away. I would have loved to have made a print of it and then planted it.
I have had painless births as well and I am usually somewhat of a wuss . I attribute a lot of that to informing myself as much as possible through reading, taking Bradley classes, and hypnobirth. I believe a lot in the whole fear/pain cycle.
Consider it dropped I am going to take my chill pill now
I don't think the argument that diapers are bad because toddlers struggle with them is a very valid one because I keep hearing from ECing moms that their babies go through EC strikes or end up back in diapers altogether by the time the baby is a toddler. Maybe my first post came off as kind of defensive, but that's because the way many EC'ers were coming accross is that you are an abusive parent if you don't EC. I am not going to take that to heart and of course I don't...
I am currently on the pill. I also checked Extended nursing, cosleeping, bf on demand, BUT those things are NOT birth control! I don't care who tells you they are, I got pg while doing all of the above when ds #1 was only 10 months old and nursing like crazy:LOL. I was supposed to be using a diaphram, but you know how that goes: . I am thinking of getting an IUD.
I am not an ECing mama, but I wouldn't mind at all if someone offered to do this with my kiddos. Especially the two and a half year old! If you can get him to go on the potty, well, kudos to you :LOL. As long as the baby wasn't upset by it, I don't see the harm in trying.
If I sounded pissy, I wasn't coming acrross the way I wanted to come accross. Sorry about that. If I sounded a tad bit defensive, that is probably because the opening post on this thread said that she believed that diapering was NOT AP. She very clearly said that, and then later took it back saying EC was just another tool with APing: Maybe she was just playing devils advocate? I don't see how EC would fit into my lifestyle (I can't make it to a public restroom the...
Just to clarify, I am not angry. I was typing fast and didn't have much time to say all that I specifically disagreed with, so maybe it came off as kind of abrupt. I don't disagree with EC in and of itself, although I must admit that some of the talk that I've read on ECing threads about how "bad" a baby did that day or how mom was just so disappointed in herself for not being able to read babies pee and poop cues that day, or should she give baby a "break" from EC when...
I completely understand now. Thanks for clearing it up . The same thing happens to me when I'm typing fast with ds on my lap!
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