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thank you shukr! I havent been very active on mdc in a while. Wow, a lazy boy!! I would love a lazy boy!! It looks like I need to give the laying down nursing both another try. Ive tried it before and I've always had trouble keeping them latched on. Thats so true about the bigger the family the later they stay up! At least it is in our family! The girls tend to be the fussiest in the evening and that seems to push everything back... dinner, bedtimes... ...
I just dont know what to do. My 9 month old twins nurse to sleep but they arent going to sleep until around 2 a.m. I never had this problem w/ my other children because they just went to bed w/ me and nursed straight to sleep, but w/ twins i cant go to bed until at least 1 is asleep. So what time do your twins go to sleep? How do you get them to sleep? I dont expect them to sleep all through the night. Esp. since we do night nurse and they arent on solids yet....
So our family as well as me have croup. I've been avoiding going to the doctor and trying to just let it go away on its own. I guess my question is how do you know when you've crossed over into an infection? such as sinus or chest infection.... Is that possible w/ croup? my twins are now presenting w/ thick yellow snot and I just dont know if they are getting better or worse. Should I be giving them anything?
Im not sure if anyone has posted this yet or not, but I thought all you breastfeeding mums would be interested. Ann Sinnott is writing a book over the benefits of extended breastfeeding! Please take a moment to fill out this survey! Please forward this survey to any breastfeeding mothers that you know! http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ann.sinnott/index.htm
I LOVE itti bitti diapers!! http://ittibitti.com.au/
My twins were recently in the hospital and I just got around to washing the diapers. Some of them have moldy spots even after washing. Does anyone know how to get it out? Can it be washed out? Should I soak them? Will the sun bleach it out? Would you use them if they had moldy spots? TIA for any advice. I have 6 inserts in this condition.
My dd is taking an antibiotic and I was wondering do you switch to disposiables while on an antibiotic? I was just wondering if the actual antibiotic is okay for the diaper and also what if she gets thrush? Can you use a diaper cream with cloth nappies?
Holiztic & Drummers wife - can you explain why the oats need to soak? is this regular rolled oats you buy at the store?
What do you add to your kids smoothies to make them healthier and boost their immune system? flax seed oil? protein powder? vitamins?
Then why do so many recipes call for soy milk? Im wanting to build up my toddlers immune system and was looking at making him veggie and fruit milkshakes. The recipes for kids use soy milk, so I was thinking of using coconut milk instead. This is the smoothie I was going to start out w/ this one today! http://www.ecobabysteps.com/2009/08/...ie-easy-green/
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