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I have such a hard time holding my tongue, but I feel I need to IRL when it comes to APing since I'm not a mother yet. (But I'll debate it on a message board! ) For some reason, I'm never in the "mainstream." For example, I have two Rottweilers, of whom I have to constantly defend. I can only imagine how it's going to be when I don't circ my son, cloth diaper, baby wear, bf in public, extend bf, etc., etc., etc. I think the problem is that people go too much by...
Oh, well, no "oops" this month! AF showed up, and a few days early. She wasn't scheduled to arrive until tomorrow, but she decided to stop in yesterday. And boy, did she come with a vengence! I guess my cycles aren't as regular as I thought they were! I still have a few months to figure them out though. Thanks for you thoughts gals!
Could it be implantation bleeding? I have 34 day cycles, AF comes 16 dpo. (She's lazy like me, LOL!) I usually spot the day before, but that's it. Well, I started spotting (brownish) at 10 dpo. I've had slight cramping, but nothing major. My breasts were sore a few days before I started spotting, but now that is gone. Could this possibly be an "oops?" I'm really not getting my hopes up at all, but just wanted your input. Thanks Gals! Oops, almost forgot...
I'm so excited!!! It's not until the beginning of February, but that is only a few months away! I can't believe that time has gone this fast! Wow! I just had to share.
Welcome, and good luck! I'm also new here, but we're not TTC till May. Hopefully you'll be long gone by the time we start trying!
OH! And thanks for the warm welcome from all of you!
Quote: Originally posted by mamasoleil Welcome Foxy!!!! May I be long gone by the time you ttc!! It would actually warm my heart if you were all long gone, KWIM!? Of course, (crossing my fingers) come may, I hope to join you all on the pregnancy forum! Not getting my hopes up, just crossing my fingers!
Well, if my cycles stay the way they are, I should O on a full moon the month we start TTC (May 7th.) How is that for "luck"!?
Well, we only have less than 6 months (23 weeks to be exact ) until we start TTC, so I thought I'd start hanging out here a little more often! Although we aren't going to actively TTC till May, we're not really avoiding right now either. Hopefully you are all on the pregnancy forum by the time we actively start TTC though! A little about my cycles, ! I usually have 34 day cycles, Oing on CD18. Well, this month, I had a really high stress day, and I think it...
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