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Household: new carpet in playroom paint playroom redo bathroom floor paint bathroom shampoo carpets clean out basement clean out porch finish nursery Baby stuff: wash carseat wash diapers wash all blankets wash crib bedding ( even though she won't sleep in the crib at night ) finish knitted blanket Other: make and freeze dinners finish pting DS
Quote: Originally Posted by KarlaC Darn morning sickness, I didn't invite you back!! Nothing like being sick & having it make you piddle so you don't know which end to hang over the potty to humble you, eh? Here I thought I couldn't feel any less attractive : Mine is back also.... it is no fun!
I am soooooo happy I am not alone lol!!
I am measuring about two weeks ahead but this is my third child so it does not surprise me any.
I am 22.
We had the names ready at the ultrasound. We are having a girl and her name is Kairi Marlene.
Okay I have talked to several other mama's that I know that are pregnant and it seems like I am the only one who's sex drive is on overdrive. Even in the first trimester when I was throwing up all the time I still never lost my sex drive. The problem we run into is my kids never sleep so most of the time I am feeling sexually deprived!
I am in week 23, the morning sickness is gone but between colds and stomach virus' I can not seem to catch a break. I am tired and sore but chasing two kids under the age of three around the house all day will do that to you!!
I am battling a nasty virus so I have not been wanting to eat a lot today. But I did make some really yummy veggie beef soup.
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