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We teach manners but do talk about how it's all about really showing sincere respect, or basic human politeness. This thread is featured on facebook btw
It's the chlorine, which indicates PVC, that makes these unacceptable to me.
Used for a baby, of course! We only do soft soled (san Diego weather) so they are not shaped really, it doesnt matter. I loved finding a cute pair of robeez at a garage sale for a buck for dd! I got ds one new pair and then he's going to wear dd's hand me downs. Now dd doesn't wear used shoes, not real shoes. But I just hunt for great cheap flexible shoes for her. They actually exist!
I guess I need to find some other clo to try w dd. She acts wild after any Nordic gummy vitamins. I should check out that book, too, I've heard of it for years here at mdc! She's been staying up late but managing to sleep in some days, til seven or later, but still can wake at six. Six to nine thirty just seems unfair sometimes! Dh and I get no time. Ah well. We are working on her having time in her room at least and that's going well.
I feel the same.
That would have driven my dd bonkers. She loves checking out "baby" stuff for maybe a while and then definitely wants her own advanced stuff. Of course many gifted kids that young just want to play w the adults but it does sound limiting in materials. The moral foundation sounds nice but I would be looking for another school or just hs'ing, which is what we are doing. We do dance lessons plus yoga at the library and storytimes, etc. And lots of playgroup days, library...
yes, we are taking her to the doctor soon (checkup time anyway).  we nearly did a same day appt but then she was fine, and i would rather take her to the new much nicer holistic family practice doc we are switching her to than the ped shes never seen.  she already knows this doc from coming with me :)  i just figured it might be time for me to start reading up.  who knows, it could be something completely different anyway, but it cant hurt to read a bit.   thanks for...
I know this has come up before, but dd had what might have been a sort of panic attack or episode today (she got all weak and pale, wanted to be cuddled on the couch but not squeezed at all, and this time said her shoulders and chest hurt) the third time since last fall, and I'm trying to hunt down a book by Friday (library day). What books have you found most helpful? Dd is four and does tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and worrier, including for others around her....
Didn't read it all but you could try offering your pinky (upturned) for sucking. Dd lived on my boob but ds adores the pinky. He only nurses to eat. It was really disconcerting after dd! I get it but remember it's all gonna change soon. Sooth your nipples with some good cream or whatnot and get a good setup-- with dd I had the remote or laptop handy, now it's my iPhone. Kinda fun when ds nap nurses now! Hang in there!!!
My dd has been the type to be totally fine with moderation. She might get really into something while it helps her learn, but then she's done. And she prefers real world stuff anyway. I have seen totally addicted little kids so I vowed to not let my kids get like that, we'll see how ds is with it. Dh is a programmer and wahd and I write and do a bunch of stuff like reserving books and such. So she sees us using tech. But she also sees me reading books a lot too, when not...
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