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Well my just turned four yo girl can draw detailed (but funny looking) people and animals and things, but my mom (who's taken a lot of early child dev courses and works with kids) says that what's average is one feature per year. So a three year old draws people with three features, head, eyes, mouth maybe. And a four year old might add legs onto the head, making those little squat figures that most kids make. I would ask at OT about the drawing if you are going anyway...
Yeah dd will say oh he needs just three more apples (reading ten apples up on top) and such but is still working it all out so I just chill about it for sure. Now her language lately... Sigh. She started this babytalk thing, maybe bc we were at my moms daycare for a fortnight or the 5mo or whatever, but it us driving us crazy. She's like a different kid when she does it. I miss her! Then she'll be herself for a spell and it's soooo nice. So I tried to just let it be but...
I didnt read the whole thread but here's what we have-- a basket for shoes and it slides under our old coffee table which is now our table for entryway stuff/the take-upstairs basket. So you can reach in a bit or slide it out and it's pretty concealed. You could get a bin that is even more hidden but I like I can pop shoes in and out easily and it's mostly hidden. So small table plus small basket might work for you. We just kinda haul shoes up to closets if it get too full...
My son had one (fairly quick birth too) and it took a couple weeks and then BAM it went down in two days or so. Just took til then for the body to find it and deal with it my midwife said, but in any case we did do oral k once bc of it.
That was interesting. I felt like I answered as honestly as I could but of course there are always nuances to such things. As you can tell by the high post counts of threads here! Good luck!
Lol yes!
The household help and affording a really crunchy life for sure. But if I were that princess, of England-- the LIBRARIES!!!
I am sitting here beneath a sleeping babe, nibbling on lemon muffins I baked this morning. It's like I blacked out and came to and I hadade muffins! Lol. My period took over for twenty minutes
Ooh fly away home! I am going to preview that,could be perfect for dd, thanks! And I liked the end with R's brown hair too (bc then it looked like Mandy Moore) but the mother gothel I hope comes off as erm gothic or something bc it could be seen as more eastern European than the others. Maybe I'm overly worried bc dd is half Jewish (and blonde and blue eyed lol) but gothel played like totally Jewish to me. I did love how whenever she expressed love or concern for R, she...
Mine sometimes has the same thing, which she calls "thinking about thinking". We tried Nordic fish oil and something in Nordic gummies makes her CRAZY so I will have to try some other way to get it in her. I have been working on her skin issues but once we're done testing strawberries and citrus for making her itch I'll have to add the salt baths, I had been thinking of that. Thanks! Of course I'm up bc baby can't settle for more than five minutes tonight. Sigh.
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