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Sophie and the winter baby is awesome Rosie's babies shows the girl bottle-feeding her stuffed animals but her mom nurses the real baby All of the sears pictures books yeah
Mary Poppins! Old fashioned but come on mom's a suffragette We actually like the tinkerbell movies. Everyone is gorgeous but tinkerbell has an important job as an engineer and they have good messages. The first one is the weakest IMO. The new rapunzel movie was very PC wrt gender roles too, although of course the witch is trying to stay young/beautiful and is the only one with dark curly hair! Nonfiction is good too-- like the they might be giants DVDs and bugs (bugs...
I fly just with my wrap or other carrier. I wouldn't do it any other way! Just bring a blanket to be able to put baby on the floor-- while waiting to board and they might make you remove the wrap to go thru security. One way they did, and then coming home they let me keep it on and just did a (non-creepy YouTube style) pat down just on the wrap (I held baby to the side during it). Lol.
Ahhh yes company She doesn't nap except occasionally. I try to get her a minimum of 11 hours bc of some study I read about that being so vital, but ten is the norm, and lately it's been more like eight or nine. Typically good sleep once she's down but that is epic some nights. She did start sleeping in to seven or seven thirty some days but not often. More often round six. And yeah I fantasize about a paci for the baby...
Just a lil vent How can this tiny person still be awake? This is where I come here to hear and reassure myself how common this is. She is not your average bear and this is one way in which that is true...
That is a lot and watch out, you could have a vocab explosion soon! my dd had several dozen at one year, and by a few months later we couldn't count them anymore. And she's a handful lol. But she can read at three. Which is part of the handful thing lol
I totally hold my babies to sleep! My first slept with me for the first almost two years, and still likes a cuddle to fall asleep at times-- but I am so glad I did it that way. it's such a short time overall! Also I would take baby in, maybe to a chiro who works with babies. Might have tweaked something in the fall that feels bad while on her back on a really firmer flat surface?
Squee! There's a Rube Goldberg contest right here tomorrow! We are so there!
I still think that's unprofessional to be smoking on your property. Around here workers would go disappear for a break (and even then I'd be bothered by the smell they brought in with them, but still, they are trying to be professional and would never smoke on our property).
Thanks! We do have a marble run but it lives in the garage. We could get it out. But I think she's especially going to love the other building ideas. And we do live right by michaels! I was trying to remember if they have this kind of thing. Thanks!
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