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My dh pretty much drove 500 miles just so I could take a nap. I have been dying going nonstop for a month now, including tearing apart my home and fleeing to my (very busy) parents house bc of a huge leak in our house. He took care of stuff at home while I took the kids to a livable house, and he finally joined us. I am so grateful for what a man I have!!!
Thank you all! I had seen that fairy houses book online bit didn't realize it was really about building. I love these ideas. We so have our next big project!
I am in the same boat. The guy at natural life was really trying to be helpful but mothering did not properly pass along that I should still have a year of a sub left. I of course had already called mothering when all this first went down and was very understanding in the message I left, but never got a call back. I have no way to access what I paid for. I'm seriously disappointed in mothering promising to help us all get set and then just not responding ever!!!
So glad you all are well. I am always sending a prayer your way.
Oooh I like the ideas! Thanks! Anyone else have other tips for materials or anything?
Dd has really been wanting to build a "real" structure, something big and that does something, with moving parts. If it had water involved she'd be in heaven. She also desperately wants a fairy to come to visit her and is wishing on everything and writing notes and explaining how it might know NOW to come, which is adorable yet heartwrenching, so I am darn well going to try to help her with the wish I can. Anyone have experience with building a simple machine? Are there...
Hey I know it's siv; I tried to post but I think it didn't go through? (on my phone only right now) I'm an English nut which only means that I read a lot of words I've never actually heard so I assume how to say them (normally my thirteen yo self did and I stuck with it, lol). And that I spell them the British way, lol.
I looked it up and American and British pronunciations are /siv/ but I also remember it being penseeve in the movie which is probably just like how they changed it from philosopher's stone for us ignorant Americans lol Also I only learned how to pronounce mischievous like two years ago lol
It so depends on the baby-- with my daughter I could NEVER have left her until soooo much later. But my son is four months now and he's such a different kid. With the right person I could do it. So I see now how some people feel okay about leaving little one, whereas before I couldn't really-- and maybe boss lady doesn't get how hard it can be. You go by your own comfort with the situation. But I would love to see Elton with fabulous tix
I'm an English teacher and I say "seeve" so that must be right, ha. But really, that's why in Harry Potter it's a pensieve, one of her many puns/wordplays. (eta a play on sieve and pensive)
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