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I am bummed too.  MDC just keeps not being the same... folks cant even access the new forums, tapatalk doesnt allow me to post replies on my phone, the boards are all slow, there are prizes for posting... now this :( 
It's hot here in San Diego.  Sorry, I'm just posting in case this turns into the get-pranked thread.  C'mon MDC! :)
So I know we have lots of threads but I'm a slightly upset mama so bear with me. Today during naked time (so he can practice moving without his huge cloth bum) ds rubbed a bit of blood on the mat. I was watching him but couldn't see it until dh pointed it out and I got up. I don't know if ds scratched himself with his finger or toe nails or if just scotching around on his belly tugged on his penis. I'm sad that it would be like someone retracted him somewhat . I scooped...
My hubby would love this! We already think beco is the best for dads because the wrap just seems to work better with my curves but he wears both kids in our becos.  I think lots of exposure, good prints, and maybe some celebritidaddies out there being gifted one/wearing them would help. 
Yeah my four mo is going through lousy naps right now. But he tends to sleep on me anyway! Your baby is sleeping like a grown up almost at night so maybe he needs more during the day-- perhaps you could nap with him once or twice a day, be there to nurse, read a book . But babies are always changing! Please please don't dont do CIO. It's a short season. With dd it was hard-- this time I know how fast it'll be over. We cosleep all the time but the sleep gets sooo much...
I can relate. I worry about my baby's breathing (yeah and almost four yo's too) and I worry about someone taking my dd bc she runs around so much now and she freaks if she thinks she's lost me and I worry about her strangling herself. I try to avoid things that create the fears but I also feel it's part of my instincts kicking in, that in the jungle I'd be more aware and thinking ahead so that's all there is to it. My mom said, as I worried over my dd when she was a...
Dr James McKenna whom many of us admire says humans are not meant to sleep all in one go but siestas are natural. I refuse to feel bad about this feeling especially since I'm in lil baby cosleeping/hardly sleeping land. That said, being out and about keeps me going. Like today I was up from four am so I ate lunch out after the park, then library. No slump. Yawning at four and dozing as I put dd to bed at eight. But that life right now.
I always call before shopping for something I'm not sure of. I have two kids to get in and out of carseats and all and one who dislikes the car. I just call ahead. But it can be frustrating to try a few places and strike out and not know where else to try!
I think you need to be clear, especially with teens. Say outright what you want done if possible. Because as a teen I would totally clean up but sometimes the toys and things are out already and I did t know where to put them and I'd just shove them to one side lol. I wanted to be helpful but didn't want to make a mistake and everyones home is different-- so just tell the sitter! Any refusal of reasonable cleaning up or texting like the pp said is unacceptable!
Nevermind baby wriggling again sigh
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