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Well, you're going to need a convertible in between the infant seat and the Nautilus, assuming you're wanting to keep your babe RFing as long as possible (at least 2 years is now recommended, or to the weight limit of your seat). The Nautilus is FF only. So that's something to consider in deciding to go with the bucket seat rather than starting with a convertible--you'll eventually need a convertible anyway. ds was very quickly a giant baby and outgrew his bucket seat by...
Which car seat did you decide on?
I used to love the Amelia Jane books growing up! I don't know how well known they are here in the US, but you'll have to invest in the series for your dd :) http://www.amazon.com/Naughty-Amelia-Jane-Enid-Blyton/dp/074974667X
You guys, GO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR!! Seriously--there's no need to suffer like this! I had terrible SPD/pelvic pain with #1 and never saw anyone, just suffered through it. With #2 and now #3, I started seeing a chiro as soon as the pelvic/back pain began, and it's made such a huge difference. Obviously it doesn't cure all of it, but it really, really helps. A good one should also be able to give you suggestions for exercises and other techniques to try, and also things to...
I would seriously recommend buying a used stroller, unless you've got rich family members who are going to buy one for you off your registry. This is also true for a lot of the big baby gear, like high chairs and exersaucers and infant bucket seats, if you're using one (obviously you'd want to buy/borrow from someone you know well, in that case). We have used strollers so rarely in the 6+ years we've been parents; when our babies were infants, hardly ever. We've actually...
My dd is Ella. It was my grandmother's name; she passed away a few months before we conceived dd, and it just felt like "the baby's" name even before we were pregnant or found out the sex (which we didn't do until birth). But we met so many baby Ellas, and even a dog called Ella (!), during that pregnancy, that we actually picked a different girl name. We were sure she was a boy, but about a week before she was born we decided that the girl name had to be Ella, so we...
As a WOHM, I must say I definitely appreciate this! I think I'd be a much more horrible mama if I was home with them all day long  
That's amazing, you guys--exciting! I'm going to be teaching up until about 2 weeks before my EDD...kinda crazy, but I think it'll be ok. Though that, plus moving a month before the EDD, and everything associated with that, may make my head explode! Yikes!
I had *never* had one of those dreams before, so I was surprised a few months ago when folks were saying that these are very common. Then I had one the other night! It was v cute :)
www.mamabargains.com has JJ Cole diaper totes on sale right now for 45% off. Deals usually only last a couple of hours.
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