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Love this!
I don't try to reposition the Snoogle. I have that on one side (my front, lying on my left side, which I'm trying to do more) and another pillow at my back. When I need to turn over (as I do somewhat frequently), I just switch sides and leave the pillows where they are. It's true that it's a bit trickier disentangling oneself from the Snoogle if you're all wrapped around it, but I haven't found it to be a big problem.
I'm normally a 36D, probably (was a B until I think I got pg the first time); I've had to get a bra expander so I'm probably up to a 38 and no idea about the cup size--at least a DD! I don't think people think of me as big-chested (I'm fairly petite otherwise, especially on top, though a little bit overweight), so it's still bizarre to me that I'm a DD, which I used to imagine was Dolly Parton-sized :)   I tend to have oversupply, but haven't really been engorged...
No, from everything I've read (my placenta seems to be anterior this time too), there's really no evidence that AP makes you more likely to have a posterior babe. I'd still focus on fetal positioning, doing your yoga, seeing a chiro, and doing everything else in your power to try to ensure optimal positioning (in fact, this IS what I'm doing, since I'm in the same situation).
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Snoogle! I got it when pg with #1, so 6-7 years ago now, and it was much cheaper back then, though it still seemed like a huge investment. It seriously saved my life!! I just got it out of storage this past week, and I'm already sleeping so much better. Love that thing (and dh wants one too!).   sjdragonfly--the other reason to try to sleep on your left side is fetal positioning: getting baby into LOA rather than ROA position.
I prefer the left as well (it's easier for me to breathe that way, for one thing). But I work on at least trying to switch back and forth during the night. I agree that it's not a hard-and-fast rule--that it's ok to sleep sometimes on your left, just as it's ok to sleep sometimes on your back--but in my case, with a tendency (I believe) toward ROA positioning, I'm a bit more focused on it. I think doing hip circles (on a yoga ball, or on hands and knees, yoga style) is...
I've decided to try acupuncture for my insomnia, among other things. I've never had it done before--excited to see how it goes!
I bet if you just do it more often, he'll get used to it. I agree with lbkw: it's good to have these few remaining months to help your older dc adjust (to things like being without mama, or with a sitter/grandma). So I guess I would encourage you to try it a few more times. Also, especially if it's a nighttime event, maybe it would be easier on everyone to have your mom come and stay at your place, rather than sending them off to hers? Just a thought.      
Well, depending on which abx they give you, it may actually kill off the GBS in time for your test, which would be a nice perq! I believe ampicillin is what they usually give for GBS, but if you're allergic to penicillin they'd try one of the others. You should ask about (or do some research on) its likely effect on the GBS. And keep loading yourself up with probiotics (and vitamin C!).
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