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Goodness, Deborah--what sad news. I'm so very sorry    
Yay??? My first thought was "OMG!"
No advice, as we're having another home birth. Honestly, this sibling question is one really huge factor for us being such fans of HB. When dd was born, ds was 27mo and had been away from me for 2 nights in his life (and from dh, never). It would have been an enormous source of stress to have to find a sitter for him during the birth of his sister. As it was, he was there for the end of my labor and waterbirth, and did just fine! dh and my mom alternated hanging out with...
Our insurance (this time) covers 70%, since she's "out of network" (otherwise it would be 80%). So we'll still owe her $1,000-odd, which we need to start paying; she hasn't yet heard back from her billing agency/the insurance company about how much exactly that's likely to be, but I'm pretty sure we can estimate it.   Last time, we were in a state where CPMs were illegal as homebirth attendants, so we paid for it all out of pocket (much less than our MW charges now--that...
Ds (#1): 7lb13oz 21" (I think--is it terrible that I don't remember exactly?!) 40w2d by u/s Dd (#2): 7lb12oz 20" (I think--20 or 21) 39d6d by LMP/charting Interested to see how this LO turns out! I also feel that this is the right size for me to birth easily. Ds was very quickly off-the-charts huge, both in height and weight (and still is), whereas dd remained somewhat small (she's in the 50th percentile for both, as of our checkup today), even though they were...
Did you guys see this video? Amazing--it's pretty much what you describe here :)   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1345451/fast-unassisted-hypnobabies-home-waterbirth-with-pics-and-video
Eh, I never really had one. I'd just stuff a diaper and some wipes into my handbag, or keep them in the car, which is where I'd usually end up changing them anyway. A change of clothes would be useful too (for both of you, actually!), and later on I'd need to keep snacks, small toys, and stuff like that on hand (my bag/coat pockets are still always filled with such things!). I'm pretty low-maintenance (ie, lazy) on such things, though, and sometimes do end up envying (or...
It looks high in that pic, doesn't it? It's been really high throughout, though I've actually felt in the last 10 days or so as though it's tipped forward/down a bit... I've carried the same way with all 3 of my pregnancies: all out front, pretty high until the end. I need to find some comparison pics from the same stage with #1 and #2!  
Right--keep your butt above your knees as much as possible, and lean forward slightly (which happens naturally if you're sitting in the way you describe, on the edge of your seat). And maybe force yourself to get up every hour and do some hip circles (and/or even, if you've got a private office, some cat/cow pelvic tilts).
22 weeks with #3       
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