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I go because it's the only place to sit and chat in town.  There's a small coffee place, but I think an entire office works out of there so there is never anywhere to sit.  I get a chai, hot or cold, because I really don't like any of their coffee things.     I could invite my friends over, but then I'd have to clean up :)
 My dh travels, my kids are in school.  I typically have 2-3 days a week where I am home, all alone for 7 hours.  For the last 6 weeks my dh has been home 24/7.  By the end of last week I was starting to have panic attacks when he would walk down the stairs because I knew he was going to turn on the tv and start talking on the phone.  He left Monday and I was honestly relieved when everyone walked out of the house, there was silence and I could relax and think and just...
Can he take the long way home?  Get an extra 15 minutes in the car to unwind?
Sadly, it does matter.  The courses you choose in middle school affect the courses you can take in high school and will ultimately affect his college acceptance.  Do I think that it's insane for an 11 year old to have to choose his life path?  Absolutely.  But that's the reality.  This is a kid who wants to go to West Point and since he's a kid he's not able to see the big picture of everything he has to do to get to that point.  That's my job.  
I have a 13 year old who is brilliant (really, I have the numbers from testing right here!) and he is the laziest person I've ever met when it comes to school work.  He works hard at everything else in life (sports, volunteer, chores) but when it comes to school?  Haha, straight up lazy.  He doesn't want to make an effort, because he does "fine" without working hard.  Well, ok isn't good enough. He's not "unengaged" or some other fancy word...he's lazy and hasn't quite...
 Same here.  I love buying it, wearing it, trying new things.  But I also love having a "face" for the world.  I'm more confident.   I tried an olive greenish shadow a few weeks ago when I met a friend and she said "wow, I never realized you had so much green in your eyes!"  After being told my eyes were "s$&# brown" by my mother for 20 years, well it was all the inspiration I needed to try some new colors and punch things up.  
Ds was 9 when we started letting him walk to the gas station or park without an adult.  He usually went with friends, but occasionally went alone.  He's a big picture kind of kid and very safety conscious, so I don't worry as much about him.  Dd will be 9 in the fall and I'm not sure she will have the freedom he does.  She's very stubborn and would likely choose what she wants to do over what she's supposed to do.  
Ugh, I've been there, got the tshirt.  My dh's sister lived with us when she was in her early 20s.  I insisted that she move in with us so she could get away from her crazy parents.   I was pregnant, so I was a little insane, but I felt horribly disrespected when she would leave her dishes behind for someone else to do.  I was so completely offended that I would give her a place to live, feed her, let her use my car and she couldn't even be bothered to do the dishes....
My second is 8 and I still don't know what I am doing with her.   Ds, EASY.  Easy pregnancy, easy birth, healthy, happy go lucky, nursed great, ate great, slept great, loved EVERYONE.  When he was "bad" a simple "Jacob" would stop him in his tracks, never really did anything he wasn't supposed to.   Dd?  Hahahaahaaaa.  Hell pregnancy, she almost died when she was born, gnawed on my nipple like it was a rawhide, HAD to cry herself to sleep, ate only graham cracked,...
My dad texts with ds, uses kik with dd and aol instant messenger with both of them if they happen to be on my computer.  Occasionally they will call him, but they aren't of the generation that uses the phone to communicate :)   Dh's parents answer their calls but get off the phone asap almost like the kids are telemarketers.  It's weird.   We just got my dad an iPhone so dd likes to FaceTime him, mostly to show him her Minecraft stuff.  He's not interested at all ;)
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