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Wow really?
Boo!! Scared ya huh? Candice I am down for some kick ball action.
Beth.... did you say you had the chicken hook up?
Lee.... I used to make my own balms and have a bunch of new pots..... I don't know when I will be seeing you again but I will put them in a sack for you
: : : : : : : : Happy Birthday TBF!!! : : : : : : : :
Ok I need to set some things straight. #1.... Looks like I owe you one Candice and B.... That wasn't a prom dress. I was just as super cool then as I am now (oh you know it) I had to wear full length formal gowns about every weekend for a Masonic order that I belonged to as a girl called the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (Rainbows)
Adina!! : : : : Ok back in the closet for me. Oh and today is tattoo day! yay!
Pappaccino's at 10?
: :Rebekah interviewed me on my blog! I feel so special : :
I might join you.... are you guys meeting at the one on Woodstock?
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