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I always had extra milk after the first few days of having to pump, but if dd was too upset, my pumping had to wait. I didn't skip a pumping, just delayed it. I remember being so distraught, worried my supply would diminish. It was suh a balancing act. I learned to put her in a boppy, next to me on the couch, with toys, and I would sing to her, could touch her, etc. while I pumped. I would stop if she got too upset and resume when I was able.
April Dawn, breast milk is digested differently, and your baby may totally ne hungry at night. I had to feed my baby (expressed mama milk) every hour until she was at least 13 months old, maybe longer.
My hope and dream is that I will be able to continue giving my daughter support as she needs throughout her life, while allowing her to gain her full "adulthood" and be able to be her own person.
I would love to adopt a 7 year old, LoL, but raising another one from baby is not something I can face. (I actually didn't mind pregnancy and labor and delivery). We feel our delightfully intense 3.5 year old is sufficient for our family. It is no reflection on her that we won't be having more, but is moreso a result of my age and my physical and emotional limitations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirsten A bunch of two and a half year olds need pretty constant supervision. Add a less than one year old to the mix and that only increases the need of adult "help" to make this go well. Whatever he was having a hard time sharing should have been put away. If he is tired and not able to share something well and the other child is MUCH younger and smaller then you have to be right there. If you don't want another adult...
I definitely try to protect my little one from being it and also try toprotect other children if I sense she is feeling violent. However, I am always amazed by how quickly little ones can shift from happy to hitting, so there have been times blows have been struck - on both sides. I think the only situation I have dealth with that was really difficult was one where a friend's dd was pretty violent fromt eh time she could walk. I was a new mom to a small baby, and this...
I am a perfectionist with health problems that take away my energy and leave me in frequent pain. No way am I living up to my hope, dreams, and expectations.
: I understand your concerns, as I share them myself for my dd. Mine is older and I am still home with her now, but finding good care is always worrisome when I consdier that we need mroe income. I would look for an AP mama in your area, or an AP/NFL friendly daycare type place (out town has a nice one).
I would have her play with the children, give them a snack, and allow you to get done the things you would like to do that are difficult to accomplish normally. Most I know get paid more like 7-15/hour, but if she is happy with 5, that works.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carita The only way to find out if they need adjuncts is to ask. Many universities are hiring adjuncts in this budget crunch because they are much cheaper. There are no benefits and no guaranteed course loads each semester, so many universities are looking to adjuncts and graduate students to teach their courses, including lab courses. One thing also you can do since you love the research aspect is to inquire if anyone needs...
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