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Wow, really?  Thank you for sharing that.  I will definitely do some homework on this.  If you have any sources or info handy that you could share, that would be great!    Thanks to all who have responded.  I definitely don't believe he's doing it to be difficult.  I'm pretty sure it's causing him genuine anxiety.  And honestly, I don't know what my daughter could do differently.  She does chew with her mouth closed, and just makes what I would consider normal eating...
So, for those of you who struggle with this as an adult, can you remember feeling that way as a child?  Was there anything your parents could have done to make it easier for you?     I have to admit, I'm a bit sad about this.  One of my visions for my family was sitting down to meals together.  My family never did this....we always scattered and ate wherever we wanted.  
Thanks, Philomom.  I feel ready to cut bait right now, but that may say more about my own personality issues than anything else.  Maybe I should keep the next appointment and see if I feel any better about it.  I guess I was just sort of expecting some type of "chemistry," but perhaps that's unrealistic.  Maybe staring and not saying anything serves some higher purpose, but it was excruciating for me.  
Thanks, NMT2.  I appreciate your reply.
Alyantavid, thanks so much for that article.  It's good to be able to put a name to this.  After reading it, I think we do need to seek some help.  
I took a really big leap today in meeting with a therapist.  I've been mildly depressed and fairly anxious my whole life, but my anxiety has reached new heights since the birth of my last child six months ago.  Anyway, I really did not feel a good connection with the therapist at all from first second we met.  After she did my intake questions, she asked me what I wanted to get out of therapy.  I told her a few things, (such as tools for managing my acute nighttime...
Thanks for your replies!  I was pretty uneducated about sensory integration issues before this came up, so I did a little reading, and I don't recognize any other symptoms in him.  It just seems to be related to eating noises.  Oh, and he also can't stand it if his sister has any food on her face.  He always wants it wiped off immediately.     Allyrae, I thought about earplugs for him, but then I wondered if it would ultimately make things worse for him. (?)  He's not...
I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, so I'll start here.  I have a 5.5 year-old son who gets angry at the eating sounds of his 2.5 year-old sister.  He has a hard time eating near her, and he makes these grunting noises that I assume are to help him manage the anxiety he feels.  Within the last week, he has started bumping her with his head when she makes any sort of noise with her mouth.   He is a very happy child, and appears typical to me in everything except...
Great post, Mizelenius, especially the quoted part below.  I am a (mostly) good, loving mother, but I really do not enjoy playing.  It's been a huge source of parenting guilt for me, and I'm only starting to be able to let it go.  Thanks also for sharing how you limit screen time in your family.    
Wow, thanks!  I just got one for Christmas, and am totally clueless, so I really appreciate it!
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