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It didn't bother me at all. Only the crap in other parenting magazines bothers me. And, just curious, for those of you who were bothered, does that have anything to do with the state of your own son's penis? (intact or circ'd.)
The term "Baby Blessing" already has religious connotations, at least for LDS people. What's wrong with still calling it a baby shower but just instructing people (perhaps on the invitation) of how it will be different from traditional baby showers?
Would you be comfortable showing your dh your correspondence? If not, then it's wrong.
Quote: Originally posted by Greaseball If you could enact one law in your country that does not currently exist, what law would that be? I'd like the current genital mutilation laws to extend to boys , as well.
Not circ'ing: Easy, easy, easy, super easy. Not even my decision to make. (I just protected his bodily integrity.) Vax: Tough. Still deciding. EBF and pumping: Easier than I thought!
Did you measure the heartrate and breathing of those who were "asleep"? Then how do you know it wasn't shock-induced? I'm sure we all do whatever kind of rationalization necessary to live with the devil we have chosen.
I was out of college (almost 25), so it was a good time. Waiting a few more years would have been ok, too, though.
In the summer, she would buy large blocks of ice and let my sister and me slide down them at the park. Kind of a weird memory, but it was fun. She was always "prepared" -- she always had hot chocolate on hand when we went inner tubing, etc. She always her purse stocked with tissues, gum, or whatever else she thought we might need when we were out somewhere. She always made birthdays a big deal. She used to write notes in my lunchbox. I'm sure there's more...
When my dd was about 5, she told me that when she grows up she's going to marry a homeless man so that he will have a home. Ours. She will bring him back here to live with us. Sweet, but perhaps not the best basis for choosing a husband!
New Posts  All Forums: