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You may have to educate a few pediatricians along the way. Your son may not be fully retractable until puberty. Don't let anyone prematurely retract his foreskin. Gotta run change a diaper; I'm sure others will post soon!
Thanks for staying and forgiving me if I have been rude. We often get expectant mamas on this board looking for advice about whether or not to circumcise. Having you here as a doc would add a tremendous amount to what this board has to offer those mamas! As for the OB/ped question, both perform circs here in Utah. Unfortunately. Both my former ped and former OB seemed sadistically eager to cut my son.
Quote: Originally posted by Jay Gordon, MD This is what I don't understand: Why, using the anonymity of the Internet and screen names, do you choose to be nasty? Very few people's minds get changed by nastiness. You have excellent knowledge, command of the facts, a viable forum and lots of friends here. Why be nasty? I'm not quite sure to whom you are referring here. If I have come across to you as "nasty," then I apologize. ...
An Oldie but a goodie: Dirty Dancing
And I think of the irony of my mother--who begged and pleaded for the docs to leave her intact during her six labors (they did--she never had an episiotomy), and yet she still had her sons (my brothers) circ'd. :
Quote: Originally posted by Sarah AnnMarie an Somemama- Where is the incongruity? Could you please give an example of the sort of thing you are talking about? It's the general tone, I think. (And AnnMarie can respond for herself, of course.) With most parents who are on the fence about circ, you say in a no-holds-barred kind of way, "circ is barbaric and shame on you for not realizing it this very second." You've left the shame out of...
Quote: Originally posted by Jay Gordon, MD I have convinced many people to leave their sons intact when they had planned otherwise and perhaps if I were completely unyielding in this area they might not have listened to me. These are huge victories. Jay Wonderful! Yes, those are huge victories. We are so glad to have you here with us. I'm sorry we all got off on the wrong foot on the vax thread. And I realize that I perhaps came...
According to his own words, he's been against circ for 25 years. Isn't that "slowly" enough for the seeds to be planted? : You're quite the conspiracy theorist. IMHO, it's just related to his religion. But, if his hands are tied, that's too bad. Anyone catch "Iron Jawed Angels" on HBO? Even though the topic was different (suffragist movement), it carried a powerful message to us all about never giving up the fight, regardless of the powers that be. ...
You know, it occurred to me that a modern woman giving birth in the modern way in a modern hospital may never actually see her own son's intact penis! She's still groggy from the epidural or C-section, the baby is whisked away for his APGAR, bath, heel-pricking and other procedures, the nursery will do all of the diaper changes if you want them to, she doesn't even go into the circ room with him........... OH MY GOSH! What a disconnected society we have.
I don't know whether or not this is relevant to her current situation, but it makes the story even more complex: http://www.sltrib.com/2004/Mar/03142004/utah/147639.asp So, I really don't like this woman. But I also don't like the precedent of charging her with murder because she refused a doctor's "orders." What about the doctor who ordered me to have an episiotomy and my son circumcised?
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