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Yes, I'm much happier now knowing that he doesn't perform circs himself. But it is still a little strange that he comes to MDC to promote talking to us on the radio, but he won't talk to us here on this forum. Oh well.
I like 7th gen. much better than Tushies. But what the hey, try the cheaper brand and see how the work!
In a restaurant bathroom I saw a newborn babe getting changed who screamed the whole time. He was circ'd. It made me want to puke.
His personal religious beliefs may conflict with being more vocal against circ. He said in his email that he has never performed a circ because he won't inflict pain on a baby without a good reason. PS. AnnMarie, I love your Senior title!
I cringe every time I think about my episiotomy. And perhaps these male docs who were cut as babies subconsciously need to cut others?
Yes, we need your outrage! It is still too common here!
I would like him to talk more about the circ/breastfeeding association, as well. But I am pleased that he at least doesn't perform them himself.
PS. Dr. Gordon told me in an email that he does not perform circs. That is wonderful to know, even if he does not choose to respond to us here.
Thank you for starting this thread. I hope Dr. Gordon replies. His website does have anti-circ links; I would like to see him have a consistent message of being anti-circ (including when he speaks to more "mainstream" parents.) We need another famous doctor on board!
Thanks. Now I have a pregnant sister-in-law and another pregnant cousin (both expecting boys.) Wish me (and the babes) luck!!
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