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Yea for all the happy intact boys!
You know, I'm married, but never got the party. We ran off to Vegas (sigh, long story.) I got the pretty dress, but that was about it. So, I'm married, but still sometimes get jealous of people getting married the TRADITIONAL way!! So, I totally understand wanting the party. Are you sure, though, that there isn't more to it than that? Perhaps you want the marriage, too? (Ducking, now.)
I wouldn't get a home equity loan for anything, but that's just me. I'd hate to put my house on the line for anything except the mortgage itself.
My dh wants to move to Evanston, Wyo, because he said that land is cheap there. But I think it is a bit too cold in the winters there for me!
Quote: Originally posted by AllyRae ..circ'ing in popular in Massachusetts... Apparently I've turned my Massachusetts sister into an intactivist (she has a girl, no boys yet.) She mentioned not circ'ing to her pregnant neighbor, who replied with, "Well, doesn't everybody do it?" : Anyway, good for you!
Great story, Candiland!!! Keep the stories coming, everyone!!! PS. My dh wasn't upset when I told him we weren't circ'ing.......I guess that puts him in the minority, since a lot of dads get upset. But you're right......the mamas have to GET STRONG and protect those baby boys!!! And ya' know, I certainly don't do everything right as a parent, but I always have the knowledge that I left him intact and I have breastfed him. Those things I have done right!
Quote: Originally posted by candiland I think it goes along with the whole not-afraid-to-swim-upstream thing. Those who are taught from an early age to think for ourselves and question everything are the ones least likely to do things like circumcise. Yeah, that's what I meant. Although, in my case, I wasn't taught from an early age to question things--I had to learn that on my own the hard way! : Anyway, Calimommie, just to clarify,...
Hi all! I'm hoping for a "sticky" thread that will correspond to the current sticky of "If you regret........." This will be a postive, life-affirming, integrity-affirming thread. So, if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands............:LOL No, actually, if you're happy you left your son(s) intact..........we want to hear all about it! I'll start........ My son is a toddler and intact. Every day I'm at peace that we left him intact! I know I...
Quote: Originally posted by GoodWillHunter Just asking, the care for a non circed penis is just basic cleaning and DON't RETRACT IT! Correct!
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