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very normal - the mucous plug can come out in one plug, can not come until baby comes, or can melt away in any variety of ways. it doesn't signify that labour is imminent but it likely isn't too far away! Good birthing
Is there anyone in your area who rents out birth pools? They might be open to barter or delayed payment. I know that I would find it hard to deny any woman the experience of a waterbirth if that was really her desire. It can't hurt to ask - they could say no, in which case you're in the same place, or they could say yes.
I've been bra free for a decade (except for a brief period during my pregnancy with dd when my nipples were too sensitive) I am mostly not self conscious about it but I have occasional moments because I am large breasted, but the discomfort I feel when I try to force myself and my girls into harness soon has me back into my loose tshirts. I like the idea of a tank underneath though - I might try that. The times I find it most difficult are when I'm helping at waterbirths...
Try contacting your local homebirth midwives, they might have a client who needs one in your area.
Quote: Originally Posted by LucySomething I've been reading this incredibly long thread over the last two days and have finally decided to introduce myself. I'm an aspiring midwife from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. I have been in love with birth since my pregnancy with my son 12 years ago. I did a lot of reading and research on my own, initially just for my own enjoyment and began to realize that this is my calling. I'm currently working...
Hi I did join the 2008 thread but lurked more than posted. Now I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Laura, mom of 3, ds 16, dd 5, ds2 3. I have been studying midwifery for 3 years, and apprenticing for 16 months. I started out attending one birth every 6 - 8 weeks but in November one of my preceptors retired and now I am attending 3 - 4 births a month! I haven't caught a baby yet, but I did just catch my first placenta. I feel overwhelmed at times with how much I don't yet...
Tottally OT but Hi Jaime! Good to see you!
1st and 3rd both 12 hours first cx to birth (both boys) 2nd 27 hours first cx to birth (girl)
great ideas! :
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