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That is heartbreaking.   I would pray hard for her and write her a note....I might also try to contact her every few weeks.       Your genuine care for her is good.  She is fortunate to have that.   I would let her know in writing how you care for her.  She is still in the grieving process. 
Are any family members in relationship with her husband?  Does anyone know if he is actually having an affair?   Can anyone try to talk with him about it?  If he is, it is doing unbearable damage to their relationship and to his wife's heart.  I would imagine this would need to be dealt with prior to her trying to have another baby.     
I understand.   I have some neighbors and some family members who make bad choices and shift the blame and attack others.  It is heartbreaking to witness.
mean people.   spelling errors are really no big deal to me.    mean and arrogant people?  they really bother me. 
Yes, but many churches have leadership who have not a decent grounding in the Gospel.  Suffering and Truth have been exchaged for lies of ease and wealth in many ways.   It sickens me actually.   Truth has been exchanged for lies.    
The key is not bringing it back in. 76 items out. 11/6
Sounds like you need some wine to go with the whine and cheese. Sorry you are having a crappy day.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad I'd be royally PO'd if someone not only posted pictures of my children without consent but included my child's first, middle and last name too. That seems to be putting another child in harms way actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by WindyCityMom AH! I posted about me asking people to take down photos of my children on facebook. I kindly requested it. So many people had so many photos. Tons. Six pages worth of them that I was tagged in, in fact. Countless more that I was not tagged in. One person, a friend of MILs (late 20s so not old by any means) who is also a mom of my DDs little friend posted a snarky remark that she was doing the same because...
Quote: Originally Posted by BabyMae09 I used to be so spiritual. I loved that side of myself. And then, IDK what happened, but I just can't believe in Heaven/God anymore. I feel like it's just a big lie, a trick we play on ourselves to make us feel better about the fact that, yes, we WILL die someday. I love the idea of a Goddess/Mother Earth, etc, but that just doesn't fit in with what I know of the universe and how things ARE. I mean, what reality...
New Posts  All Forums: