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Quote: Originally Posted by zippy_francis I have experiences with people where I tell them something or ask them something and the next thing I hear is how I yelled at them or told them something that is completely untrue. So I stick to communicating in front of others so that there is no way for that person or persons to say I yelled or fabricated entire conversations that never happened because then I have a witness. Oh and I have also learned never...
Quote: Originally Posted by wemoon I am so freakin sick of a coworker of mine that lies nonstop about everything. I cannot believe a word that comes out of her mouth because I never know if it is truth or not. We do not have a great relationship, mainly because of this. I have always taken appropriate channels, like going to my supervisor. Now the latest is that I am stealing her paperwork and making her look bad to our supervisor. I would NEVER do such a...
Quote: Originally Posted by WTHamI? -I think on some level she also, as a public school teacher, sees the very act of not putting your kids in school as a personal attack on her profession. -She does not have kids of her own but is an "auntie" to many of her friends' children. -One of her friends "Julie" homeschools her kindy age daughter. When she visits with their family, Mary semi-sneakily quizzes the girl to make sure she's actually learning...
I understand. I live too far away but I will be your online friend.
If you are mean and arrogant to people while you are secretly "praying" that they go away, it is probably not God answering your prayer when they actually go away. I have issues with certain "prayer requests." I really wonder who/what people are actually praying to sometimes. And people wonder why others have issues with organized religion. If I hear one more "us' vs. "them" statement, thinly disguised or not, I think I might :Puke
I think I need more information to be able to say what I might do. Why move with your ex? Do you have children together? If so, do children live with you? Were you once married to ex?
I am so sorry. I will pray. Can you have his grandparents' house monitored by the local police? I do not know the particulars but I imagine your son will show up at that location at some point.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnalogWife I'm sure this has been posted a thousand times before, but can someone fill me in on HOW to get a break from relatives. I had a breakthrough last week where it dawned on me that these people (parents, aunts, sibs) have for years been taking advantage of me and I am so tired of the guilt tripping and the false promises and the CREEPINESS and I just need to NOT be around them for a while, just so I can focus on me and...
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