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Quote: Originally Posted by Amatullah0 I think today's grief is focused around the 7 year old boy(not the drug addicted teen) and how he was my best friend back then. I am so so so so so sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Red Cape He's never been the type to admit to any lies or wrongdoing anyway, so I am left to wonder, is he lying or not? Is he maybe just feeling guilty about my not being able to come, or our son not going, or that he wants to take some time to himself, or that he is going to go with her, or maybe he isn't feeling guilty at all and that it is something else. It really doesn't matter. What matters is how I go on with my...
I would freely write the note and sincerely thank her.
Vermont is beautiful. It can be harsh and horribly cold in some places. It is beautiful, nonetheless.
I do not give out information about my neighbors...even the ones who are unkind to us.
I am ambidextrous and I have had problems. I choose to use my left more than my right for writing but sometimes, especially if I am tired or stressed, I have to think about which hand to use for things.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering YOU: [Beam sunnily at her for a moment, as if to say "I find your machinations so darlingly transparent I can't even be cross with you, let's all have a giggle at what you're trying to pull here" - continue until she starts to look a little uncomfortable, then say quickly] I found an awesome recipe for cream of leek soup the other day. You have a blender, don't you? .
I am sorry but I just fail to see how a crumpled not is 'way out of line." Compared to what some of my neighbors have put us through, I would just be thankful that they are so quick to respond. Blow off the note and hope they do not decide to get all wacky and start lying about you and harassing you. It does sound annoying.
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