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Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby So, you're telling me, that if you had to run off in an emergency and ask a stranger to watch your child, and there were two options: A clean, appropriately dressed, well groomed woman, and a woman with dirty, tattered clothing and crazy hair, that you would be equally likely to choose either one? It's how our species survives. We don't have a particularly good sense of smell or hearing, so what we see is really...
That seems hard. Are you open to homeschooling him?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuamami Yes, well, as long as they don't see your siggy they'll know you're not a child abuser
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla But it doesn't sound like these women are attacking her or talking about her. . I agree. I segued a bit and interjected my own observations of additional dynamics that I observe among some groups of women.
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby Yeah, they do, it's instinctual. If you see a huge guy lumbering toward you with falling off clothing, and wild and crazy hair, you're probably gonna cross to the other side of the street. It's all a matter of degrees. I respectfully disagree with you OB. Not all people are like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by homewithtwinsmama And this is why women should not be left alone with newborns during the early post partum weeks. Certainly not with toddlers and young children along with a baby. .
Quote: Originally Posted by Theoretica So DH had to go out of town late Thursday night, about 11pm, to make a 4 hour drive to his parent's home. His mom isn't doing well and he's helping his dad out. He left me with the little girls (9, 2, newborn) and of COURSE all hell broke loose. Our 2yo has been having MAJOR separation anxiety since I had to stay in the hospital with our new baby (she was born at home, but at a week old developed cyanotic apnea...
Quote: Originally Posted by mauri456 \ it does help that my mw does homebirths and the ob that backs her is my ob. he has about a 10% c/s rate and very much believes in natural birth. You are so fortunate!!!!! That is wonderful.
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby Viola - I really like your post, because it's true, looks do play a part. We all make judgements based on looks, whether we admit it or not. .... Also, I know this might sound shallow, and I've even had rounds about it with my mom and sister, but this is one of the reasons I put some effort into how I look when I leave the house. Even when just shopping, I have found I get better service and more pleasant...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cascadian Why why why? Why do they exclude others and freely talk about 'all' getting together for coffee, or how much fun dinner/the walk/the group workout was, in front of all the lesser moms? Why do they barely acknowledge anyone else's presence, and don't even try to be friendly? And they're always so pretty, well dressed, nice cars, no real problems in life other than broken nails (from said workout)? Why...
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