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Thanks everyone for the advice. I appreciate it. We do babysitting swaps,but I seem to watch more often. They will be calling tomorrow so I will say something. I don't want to ruin the friendship and maybe neither one of us should watch each others children so the friendship could remain. blessings everyone!
I have some friends who are a bit down on their luck. The dh does home repair work,but business has been drying up. The dw works full time. The dh stays at home most of the time with their dd unless he has a job. In the past,their dd went to a babysitter,but since we've met they've been asking me to watch their dd. Its not a problem,she's a lovely child and plays well with my ds. However its all of the time. I'm the first and only person they call. We've worked out a...
LOL When everyone was crazy about Nirvana I was gaga over Sky Cries Mary!
Yep, I'm in Seattle
I'm going to the Fremont Solstice parade with my dh and ds. I am hoping to paint my face,but no partake in the parade.
Yep, I forgot the 3 year old who was getting her hair permed. I know its all about personal experience and how you feel about yourself whether natural,weave or whatever. My issue with the show was mostly the kids on there and them not being happy with their hair/themselves. I didn't even think about the pool thing. Of course pools are pretty expensive to keep up. The hair thing is what I get when I ask people why they don't swim. Just my own experience. I want to...
I'm trying to get my dh on board for another international adoption.He wants to do it,but the cost is expensive ( from our last adoption) My ds ( 4) informed me he wants to name his new baby sister Ida...??? No other name will do,we do not even know anyone by that name lol Got to pay down some bills first though,but I'm on board!
Just thought Ide say hi since the PDX mamas are pretty active here. What have you all been up to? Anyone going to the Solstice parade?
Not quirky but I liked Spellbound. Some others are: Radiant City Monster camp Darkon ( one of my favs as well) 10mph Jesus camp ( just interesting) Ones that are still good but a bit heavy: God grew tired of us ( signed myself the next day to tutor ESL; it moved me that much) Crazy Love ( it sure was)
I liked Betty,too. Hey..anything can happen between engagement and the wedding so who knows!
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