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Hello everyone, I would like to get a steam vac for mostly doing my kitchen and pantry/mud room area. Does anyone have one? What about the one on tv where it comes with 6 washable pads and you just use water. My floor is a mess and I need help!
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I've read several money experts advise not tying allowances to chores, but I'm not sure why they recommend that. We have a loose relationship between allowance and chores, but I'm not sure if I really agree with the route we're going. It was dh's idea, and ds1 agreed with it - since I had/have only vague reservations, I went along with it. My reasons for not being crazy about it is simple. I don't see any value...
Where do I start? Well one thing that did happen for me this past yr is that my MIL ( yeah the one, I argue with all the time) came and stayed with ds while dh and I went for our 10 yr anniversary to Hawaii. It was bliss. I have another good friend who is just like family that will just kidnap our ds for the weekend. She's done this for us a few times a yr and we never ask. She calls and says." We haven't seen T in a while,have his things packed and we will pick him up...
"If my husband EVER said to me that spending time w/ his child or doing something around the house was cutting into his "me time," I would ask him if he lost his d*mn fool mind. Parenting is a partnership. So is taking care of a house. End of story." Yeah what dogretro said!
In the beginning I thought Tara or Felipe would win. My bet is on Tara. I think I would vote Mike off,yet Helen is doing pretty darn good! I'll miss the show too. I usually watch it at the gym on the treadmill with other people and we chat about it during commercials. The show is a great motivator.
I would cancel events to watch this show and now its over and I need a hug
Ive had a Montgomery Ward alarm clock since I was 10. I'm 33 now and I still use it.
Quote: Originally Posted by momhugs No judgement here, but it puzzles me that people do not safe when the times are good. Than they expect help for their bad choices. You know, sometimes poop happens. Things happen beyond ones control. It happens to everyone. I know for myself,Ive had cancer a few times and times were hard for my family b/c I could not physically work b/c I was throwing up in the toilet. Esp b/c times are hard right now,( for...
Hugs mama : I'm sorry that your family feels this way. Maybe you can find another way to celebrate your grandpa's life. I miss my grandpa too. We talked on the phone a lot,but I didn't see him for a long time. He had about 17 other grandchildren and I was his favorite. I'm sure you know your grandpa is thinking about you,too.
Paragon Industries seems to have a nice one. I would like to get one for ceramic plates I will be painting. Any advice and/or experience with one? blessings C~
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