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Thanks Led for the support. That's what I'm using now and I feel awful,but I can't seem to find anything that does the job. Glad to know that the age group tends to be 4-6. Lucky for us,we have a plastic mattress cover
"I contribute by loving my children. I teach them. I care for them. I talk to and listen to them. They are given freedom and discipline, love and time." Well said Hotmamacita! And I believe this may be the line I use when my MIL gives me grief for "not working"
Well,you didn't make these babies by yourself and I'm sure the last time you looked,you weren't married to yourself either so.... Im a SAHM as well and my dh is at home 2 days a week one day I'm here and we do stuff together and the other day my ds,myself and my husband are here and sometimes we do things together. Now my dh is always working. He works for himself and takes his work with him everywhere we go. This is not going to change. The good news is that he's...
My ds is fine during the day,but at night I have him in diapers. I double up on Fuzzy Buns,but they seem to leak. Is there another option? Any advice? Is there something different for a 4 yr old boy? Should I wake him up a few times in the night? I'm just not sure what to do.
Hey ya'll, Now I know this group isn't still taking about hair LOL I'm reading this great book called Paris Noir and its a very interesting book about AA moving to Paris after the war. Has anyone read it? Has anyone been to Paris and what was your experience as an AA woman? blessings Chani
If you have on Demand you can watch all the episodes and catch up. Let me know what you think if you watch it. I'm dying to chat about it with someone!
I'm thinking about going there next year with my ds who will be 6. Safe? Fun?Recommended places to stay and things to bring? Any info would be helpful as well as any and all experiences. I live in Seatle btw. blessings Chani
My uncle has taken over as our financial planner. In a way it will seem strange to us,but at least its someone who is honest and also a person who won't lay any bs on us We paid off our car last year! But, we took out a HELOC to pay for our adoption ( my ds needed to come home!) We have our mortgage 200+ Student loan 16,000 CC 15,000 It def seems like we are always paying for this and that and we live more frugally than most of our friends. With the exception...
Is anyone a fan? Let's talk about it. I love the show. I also watch Eastenders and have for the past 13 years.
Oh my this is awesome thank you!!!!
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