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Oh hey Purplegirl! I miss you too!:
I have a divine recipe for carrot bran muffins if you would like, I can send it. I juice a lot so if you have a juicer you can do that. You can make some stews. Muffins win out all the time and I make a lot of them and give them to my neighbors. I'm not a big fan of cooked carrots ( I have no idea why),but you can add them to veggie wraps or make lumpia.
Hello, I think this is a cross post so sorry if you've read this somewhere else,but I love using this to make tacos,but I'm at a loss as to what other recipes would fit with ground ground. Any help,advice,links,recipes? Cheers
Hello everyone. We love making tacos with Yves ground round,but what are other people doing with it? Ive also tried to make ( unsuccessfully) hamburgers,but couldn't figure out a way to hold it together;even with egg/bread crumbs. I'd like to branch out. Any suggestions/recipes that you use with this? cheers
My yard is like the Amazon. I'm often afraid to go out there:
Andrewsmother, I can totally emphasize. There was jubilation here ( in Seattle) when the African American Academy opened in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. From the outside it is a beautiful school. Last yr it was on the list of a failing school that will be closed down. I'm so upset I'm not sure what to say. I don't know anyone who has their kids in that school. I live in another part of Seattle. I don't have all the details of why it was a failing school,but it simply...
I sent you a Pm but all it said was that the co-housing convention is in Seattle this yr,if you wanted to check it out. And your inbox is full
I have a wooden one that hangs on the wall. Its beautiful. I wish I could find/post a pic of it. I bought it at a craft fair and my grandma has one as well ( which she bought at a craft fair) I see them a lot at craft fairs in my area (Seattle) It holds a lot of earrings and necklaces and well crafted. Its very similar to this one: http://www.woodwitch.com/products/earring_holder.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangled Hill Having a home management binder has helped me with this immensely. Of course it has a daily planner in it, but I can also keep lists of items we need at different stores as we run low on them, track my cleaning progress throughout the day with a homemade checklist, meal plan, stay on top of my budget, keep track of son's learning (we unschool), check things off my "to do" lists, etc. I was kinda...
Quote: Originally Posted by Whisper When your young adult children start telling you that you need to get organized and get a routine for cleaning going, it really stings. I have struggled with clutter all my life. My husband is a hoarder who only this year has entered counseling. I feel like we have made baby steps progress. But my son's comments knocked the wind (or the tiny breeze) out of my sail. He lives on campus, about an hour from home. All...
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