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Not really for me, but we have DTD twice already. (First at 2w PP :-X. ). My little guy has bathed with me once and showered with my once. (3w old today) I am not big on frequent bathing with skin being a first line of defense. Is anyone esle dealing with crazy hot body temps and being all icky sweaty??? I partly blame the weather, but mostly crazy hormones....
It has been a long time since my last post and I have since had my baby (a sweet BOY!). But for those of you here after losses, just wanted to toss out some encouragement for you. My little guy is here after 7 losses, 5 of which happened consecutively in a matter of 18 months and ended in me losing a tube after a ruptured ectopic. I felt pretty hopeless losing part of my reproductive system after I was already obviously "broken" when it came to carrying babies. So he...
I am frying and sweaty almost all the time these days...hormones and lovely hot flashes and all that good stuff combined with the heat outside. DS2 is SO much like DD2, born only a month and 1 day prior to her b-day and practically HOT blooded so he and I are a miserable combination when nursing or bw'ing or whatever. Made worse because we only have a window a/c and fans in our little farmhouse house, so it is usually pretty warm even inside. And it's only in the 80's...
It will probably come and go. I think a lot of it has to do with the hormones in the milk.
My skin on my belly is always sensitive after baby, too. Like if i put lotion on it, I hve to be SUPER gentle because the stretchmarks feel like a ton of tiny cuts on my skin. Not pleasant.
We aren't dealing with digestive issues or colic with this little guy, but we still use reuteri drops, the ones by BioGaia, because I feel they are so important, especially since *I* struggle with proper colonization. (I like BioGaia products and the research they do) I have found it to be one of the most effective strains for our family, anyway. Reuteri is the strain that helps "rebuild" te cilia in the gut, so if a baby wasn't colonized well for whatever reason (c/s...
I am. so sorry you are having such a rough time. . I hope it eases up for you soon.
I love my Avent manual too! I have been using my new Medela swing this time but will never get rid of my Avent. It is awesome!
As for pumps you definitely want one that can stimulate a good initial letdown. I can pump a ridiculous amount but I get NOTHING until it gets my milk to let down. I also find it makes a huge difference while pumping to massage the breast as if you're expressing by hand.
I have pictures comparing the two after I bought my Beco (like how they fit, the height/width, straps, etc), I will see if I can track them down. I always take comparison pics of stuff because it is info I would love to have had but never could find before I purchased the stuff!
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