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Cycle beads aren't very trustworthy. If you're serious about avoiding, I wouldn't use them.   I charted and used condoms during the fertile phase (abstained for a week around ovulation when we really did not want to conceive). Now, my husband will be getting a vasectomy and we'll use condoms until he gets the all clear. We're pretty much doing ecological breastfeeding too so the condoms are just extra protection. Not that we're having sex at all right now as the...
Oh wow, she sounds absolutely ridiculous. My fluid levels hung around 8cm for the second half of my second trimester and until birth. Not a big deal.
Congratulations! She's lovely. So glad to hear that she's here!
Oh gosh, it makes me feel so much better to read that other people are getting really grouchy too. I want to spend as much time as I can with my kids usually. But this afternoon I was a total grump and went to hide in my bedroom for an hour and a half. I just was disappointed because I was half hoping that today would be the day seeing that my midwife won't be in L&D for another week or so now. It's unlikely that I'll have her at my birth now which makes me want to cry....
DH is picking up some thai food with eggplant in it tonight, I'm going to be rolling on the birthing ball, and we're definitely going to DTD. *lol* I know they are going to induce me, probably next week, if I don't have him soon. Preeclampsia has reared its ugly head again. My midwife took one look at me this morning, said, "Oh no, that is preeclampsia face. I'm going to go talk to the OB." She wants to see me in L&D on the weekend and when I start being monitored even...
Woohoo! I hope you have a happy and easy labor/delivery!
Strong contractions. Lots of cramping/back pain. I had a huge emotional outburst this morning and called my husband at work just sobbing. He came home. I checked my cervix and I'd be surprised if it wasn't almost 100% effaced, as squishy as it ever gets, and 3-4cm. Please, God, let this be it.
I brought way too much stuff with my first and second. With my third, I only brought toiletries (don't forget lip gloss/chapstick), a change of clothes (yoga pants, tank top, undies, and a bra), the baby's clothes and diapers because I don't like the bleached out diapers for newborns, as well as my laptop/charger, cell phone, and camera. I don't think I'll bring anything else with this baby either because we try to get out of there ASAP. 
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