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I was 16 when I stopped saying the pledge. It was when I became aware of my own identity and its history. I went to a Catholic high school( I gave up on Catholicism that same year as well) and I politely spoke with my homeroom teacher about the fact that I would no long be participating in prayers/the pledge. So when prayer/pledge time came I sat quietly as everyone else stood and did their thing. I caught some flack from some of the girls. But There was another gilr in my...
I had the hardest time finding it in my loacl viddeo store but I saw it a few months ago. Yes the whole motherhood theme and the different types of mother..from Cruz's HIV infected mother to the main character's motherhood with a transgendered person. It really made one look at parenthood overall no? So what you want to talk about. MM
I don't recognize most of the cd's here either. I mostly listen to hip-hip and latino/spanish language music. Paz, MM
Aterciolpelados- Gozo Poderoso, a colombian group. I have seen them on tv for weeks and have been singing the songs for weeks so I bit the bullet and bought the cd and OI love it...
I am a firm believer in the retaking of words and their stereotypes ( Hence wht I call myself Mami Mala- Bad Mami) So I claim my single motherhood with pride I want people to know that I am doing this motherhood thing on my own terms and my daughter's terms. and doing a good job at it despite what statistics articles and the mainstream may say. Paz and power. MM
Yes I let my daughter see me cry...ofteh she will ask me why I am crying about a certain thing and I will exp[ress as best as I can and so that she understands. AT first I used to hide my crying from her but I didn't want her to think crying /sadness was something to hide or to be shameful of. So just like I luagh and defnd things I cry in front of her as well. MM
Hola hola..its hard but hey.. Custody isn't an issue for me since dd's papi was never put on the birth certificate anyway ( he wasn't here for the birth so he couldn't sign the bc so no father!) My concern was more along the lines that he might forge the original in his country. Blech. Anyways. I already have a new certificate and I haven't heard from dd's dad since he left here over a month ago I know I;m a good Mami..Just seeing dd proves that. Peace and...
Hola, Thanks for the kind words. No way did I end up going back with him. A few days before she left he "lost" her birth certificate ( I believe he stole it because he had threatened to take her back with him before) I am apprehensive about going with dd to his country until I am sure that he hasn't done anything funky regarding her status. I still do want to take her because that is part of her culture/roots and it is important she be in tough with that. MM
Oh Peggy I am laughing sooooo hard. but wait did you say writer???? Hmmmm. I'm a writer MM
I;m a 24 year old single mom to a 4 year old. It looks like we are all in good company.
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