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If I absolutely had to, I probably could, but I think it would be difficult to save or get ahead. I would also need to be debt free. Not counting the debt payments we make, we live on about $23,000 a year. That's counting rent, utilities, food, gasoline, insurance, and other necessities. It doesn't count the YMCA membership that we have, or any extras at all. We currently use the rest of our income to pay down our debts or save for big expenses. I am very frugal and work...
Dh's school had emergency loans for this purpose. I would ask the fin aid department what is normally done in this situation--if they have emergency loans or if they'll hold your classes for you for a certain period of time. They probably have procedures in place to deal with this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Madders I decided to go into an outlet store the other day and saw a Sunshine kids Radian65 carseat for $50... so naturally, I ask if they can take any less for this NEW, IN THE BOX $230 seat ... and they DID. I bought it for $30. It looked as though it had literally never been out of the box, and is only a little over a year old. My best score ever! This is the same place I bought a brand new hotsling for $5 a few...
I bought a bag of chicken legs/thighs for $3.90, and made three meals for four people plus chicken stock out of it. I started making homemade jello this week, and I used leftover juice from canned pineapple juice to sweeten it. My husband went to Goodwill this week to buy two pairs of much-needed dress pants.
ITA with the renter's insurance. I think it's very wise to have it. Ours is $11/month, and it covers either 20 or 30K worth of belongings (can't remember which). I have a friend who's upstairs neighbor started a fire, and they lost everything. She said they used every single penny of the 30k to replace everything.
Life would be really difficult. In a lot of the cities in Texas, people work pretty far from home. Dh only commutes 20 miles, and that is considered a short commute. In other cities (I'm thinking of Houston, in particular) the city is so spread out, and the way zoning is structured really makes it impossible to get around without a car.
I probably wouldn't, especially if I hadn't talked to the boy's parents first. I guess in your case, if you're not concerned about her having sex, then it wouldn't matter, as long as his parents were okay with it.
That's so sweet I go to school at TWU, so I'm familiar with that Cracker Barrel. It's good to see that more Texans are embracing NIP.
It's called an SNS--Supplemental Nursing System. http://www.selfexpressions.com/supnursys.html
Me! I have two kids, 4 and 2(older one with autism)....work part-time (10-15 hours/week) and go to school full time (15 hours/week). I feel like it's this constant juggling act that I'm scared is going to come falling down on my head. The one thing that seems to keep me in check is lists. When I am home, I often feel like I'm wandering around, knowing I have so many things to do, but not knowing what to do first. So I make lists, with time limits on them.....so as I...
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