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I'm pretty sure I have a bacterial sinus infection that has finally reached the point where I need to be seen. I don't have a PCP or health insurance and was wondering if anyone knows of a not-horrifying walk-in clinic in Bergen County?
I don't really know your ttc side on MDC, but I have to say I really admire you. The posts I do know are insightful and wise and I will miss them. I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles and wish you peace and happiness.
The Liberty Science Center in NJ has a neat sensory area in their 5 and under play room that uses uncooked rice. Was a bit messy, but super easy to clean up with a vacuum a few times a day. Or even just once a day if it's an area with limited daily access. They had lots of different containers - funnels, cups, bowls, sieves, colanders, ladles, etc for the kids to play with the rice in and it was the definite hit of the room. We were hard pressed to pry DS away to go...
*after Googling to find out what that is* So sorry!!! Those look amazing, what a bummer.
Quote: Originally Posted by sophiekat so, it's pretty clear that this is her pet cause and she doesn't particularly care or think about if it will be well received. Given this, I would be awful tempted to really respond rather than let it slide. I can totally understand not wanting to rock the boat at a small school though. What an entirely inappropriate "gift" for a child.
My toes. I have total Hobbit feet. I know I should embrace it and got with the flow and love my body for the temple it is... but damn it is just so not hot.
Oh yeesh... I can't believe I'm posting this, but I'm dying to know as well. Don't have much to add, just can't stand not knowing! :P I think there's been great advice given. Depending on just how offensive the organization is, I'd go with some version of the "While we appreciate the gesture, this is not an organization that we as a family support yada, yada, yada..." It seems like a very strange thing to do. As others have said, wouldn't you donate to something child...
Sigh. I was SO hoping for another "What's Grosser Than Gross" moment. Total letdown.
Rarely, once in a blue moon... and then I hear total, absolute horror stories from people about fights they're having with their brother/sister/aunt/uncle/whatnot over money, caring for aging parents, etc and all I can think is how glad I am that's not me, waaaay to much unnecessary drama. (Yes, I do realize there are wonderful, amazing sibling relationships out there.)
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