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Love your video!  Thank you for posting it here.
We set up our borthing pool in the dining room and pushed the tablet and chairs against the wall.  Worked really well for us.
When exactly did the UA change before?  I remember moderation was pretty fierce back in 2003-2005.  There were some pretty snarky, crunchies, though...  there was one woman who constantly bashed moms who didn't breastfeed, AP, etc..  I thought she was disrespectful, but I guess it was allowed.    I made a return in 2007 or so and there were a lot of rude, ignorant members who just said crazy inflamatory things.  They seemed to go out of their way to hate on people...
A friend wrote a comment on my announcment on Facebook: "WERE YOU EVEN TRYING???"  I ignored it, and considered deleteing it..  I'm still sorta pissed at her.     A woman, at work, who is a trainer, who comes to my store only occasionaly, said "Haven't you ever heard of birth control?!"    
You should ask a PHARMACIST, not a doctor...  they don't know anything about that either   <--  Pharmacist   What a jerk of a doctor!    I've actually had my own midwifes and doctors ask ME what I knew about drug interactions and contraindications of medications, because they know I know more than they do.
I never even noticed BH in my first 2 pregnancies.  I'm about 14 weeks now and for the last 4 weeks I've had occasionall crampiness or BH.  Sometimes I'll get diarrhea and sometimes my abdomen will harden up and I'll start dry heaving or vomiting.    I'm not sure if this is normal or not.  I never vomited more than once with each of my last 2 pregnancies.    No bleeding or anything is occuring.
I'm amazed by the kind, thoughtful responses.  I was active on MDC in 2002 until about 2005, and back then, you'd have had militant lactivists all over this thread condeming Formula and bashing those who do not breastfeed.  This community has really changed and seems more enlightened these days.    What makes me sad is women who do not even try to breastfeed or the ones who say things like, "OH that is so gross!  I could never breastfeed!"  or other insensitive...
Stripping membranes sounds way scarier than it is.  My CNM did it at one of my last appointments with dd1.  I didn't even feel much.  She just put her finger into the space between the cervix and the bag of waters.  I'm not sure it had much effect, though.  I still went overdue by more than a week.   With dd2, I decided I would use EPO capsules vaginally starting a week and 4 days before my due date.  I did it one night and woke up in labor the next morning. 
We're in western PA, so that might not help you.  MANA is a good place to look.  My midwives are listed there, they are both very active in MANA.   http://www.mothersnaturally.org/midwives/findAMidwife.php 
In PA lay midwifery is sort of underground.  They usually work with the Amish communities.  I found my midwife through a recommendation here at MDC back in 2004.  I don't think its "illegal" to refuse bloodwork here.  The CNM who delivered my first baby knows and respects my midwife and their practice will take orders from my lay midwife for bloodwork, U/S, etc..   
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