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This is my style too.
I agree that this stinks, and it is hard as a non-bio parent who cares to see this kind of stuff being done to a child you care about and I am sorry you are having to go through it.  Even more so I am sorry your son feels so unwelcome/put down during his limited time with bio-mom.  What a blessing you and your husband are to be there to listen to him vent, to be a caring ear when he is feeling uncared for.  He is getting to see her true colors while still having you guys...
  This this one million times this!  His intellect sounds like it will flourish fine for now with no extra focus from you but he may be developing patters of how he views others that could be greatly improved with intervention now.   
It seems like if the letters were of the sort to cause possible trauma you could renegotiate the agreement regarding letters.  If not, and they are just upsetting then that is an unfortunate part of these types of custody/adoption situations that just has to be dealt with.    Sorry this is stressful to you.  I have two adopted sons myself who were given all kinds of upsetting stuff from biomom when they were little.  It was hard to not be emotional about it, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaki Do you have any friends/family that you can go to if you were to leave? Personally, this would be grounds for divorce for me. I agree with the PP who suggested waiting until you get your degree and settled financially before getting him fired. But once you're in a position to get away from him and support yourself, I'd definitely blow the whistle. What a crappy position to be in. So sorry you are dealing...
I will be doing some work from the Konos company (one of their Konos in a Box sets) minus the biblical studies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g Yea, I dont get it. Is there something else your not devulging? I mean her husband and daughter hang up on you when you tell them who it is? Fishy. Agreed, I feel like there must be more to the story. Hanging up is generally rude, but people tend to do it for a reason...any idea what their reason might be?
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristyMarie If it was done in a safe manner for the good for the good of the neighborhood I'd consider it a job well done. Agreed.
Very out of line. It is not right for her to view your daughter as a source for raw materials esp when her own daughter has not even voiced concerns about her fertility at this point. You were right to voice your anger and I think it would be good to revisit the topic with her so your daughter is not faced with a weird expectation from here later in life.
I am late to the party - I promise to go back and read the whole thread...but I wanted to say. . . :: I am so glad this thread exists. I was always pretty ok with being an "odd Christian" but since my boys have come along and they are getting older and building their own creeds I think about this topic so much. Ok, back to read the thread.
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