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I saw this on baby story a couple weeks ago--lol!!! I looked it up and bookmarked it b/c it's very cool. I don't know if I'll use it, but it's good to know b/c timing ctx is annoying.....
wiht the probiotics, you can just moisten a *clean* finger w/ water, dip it in the powder, and rub into baby's mouth. Or just open a capsule and dump some under the tongue. Nothing too precise! That is SUCH a great idea about giving it after the birth to help ward off the yeast. I'm totally doing that!! And sticking a acidophilous cap up there really helps for vag. itchiness. And I got some tea tree oil suppositories that worked really well too.
seriously at 36 wks?! Oh my!! We're going on vacation next week for the entire week, and that is my 36wk......... don't scare me! We might have a disneyland baby! lol Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. What a fast labor--and in the CAR! Hypnobabies is definitely an awesome tool, esp if you had to do it all in the car. Amazing! Thanks for the story! Emily
lol dh just got snipped last week! This is #4 and we are totally done. It was easy as pie, no pain or anything. A little tender. And a few days out he now has a little bruising. Anyway, I'm really glad, but wouldn't have done it if I weren't 110% sure I didn't want another preg. Otherwise, we've used spermicide gel in the applicators for years, and as long as we're consistent, they've been super effective. Consistency is key! Condoms totally turn me off, so...
Glad things resolved for you!!! It's no fun to be freaked out. I had one scary day about a month ago or so. But by the evening, the baby was going NUTS! So reassuring. Makes me remember to be thankful rather than annoyed when he/she has those super active periods.
that's a good idea! diapering a newborn can be intimidating, esp. for the dad. If you have a doll that is a realistic NB size, I'd go for it. But the good thing about nb's is that they aren't too wiggly and crazy, so they aren't going to roll around and fight it too much. Kicking the legs and crying are the things you usually have to deal with. But if you're intimidated w/ the pins or snappi at first, you can just fold the prefold into the cover, and that works well...
since when did garden ridge start selling clothes??? I haven't lived in TX for a long time, but they only sold housewares and all. Cheap sundresses sound awesome. I totally hate waistbands........ so annoying....... Enjoy your awesome find!
This is my 4th, and I've felt the best physically. Of course, I type that out and today I'm going to start feeling awful! But I usually have hip pain, headache, bakc ache. My chiro totally cured my headaches many months ago, and the hip pain is just starting to be very occasional. I have to go visit my chiro this week for sure. I've been amazed though, and totally need it b/c w/ 3 other kids, I don't need to be laid up on the couch! Hope I'm not jinxing myself today!
it has always sounded very unpleasant and awkward to me, so I've never done it. I had a small tear w/ #1, even though he was very slow to decend, so it's not like he flew out and my peri didn't have time to stretch. My mw was kind of stretching/massaging a bit most of the time too. I wonder if prenatal streching would've prevented any of that. But it was so tiny and minimal, who knows. But any tear or "abrasion" from birth hurts for a while, so if you're up for trying...
oh yeah, and you should check in the Georgia section of Finding Your Tribe to get more info on midwifery in GA.
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