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I have only read part of it, but it's good! http://blog.washingtonpost.com/onbalance/
I used to let the dog eat food out of my mouth. She was always vvery gentle. Depending on what it was, she would have to employ her tongue to get all the bits out. Not trying to threadjack.
I've never done this, but my dad had 3 going at once at one point. I was often recruited to help move piles of dirt and detritus and that wonderful black soil you get from them to the garden. I would suggest, however, that when you move this compost pile, you try and get a nice cross section of all the layers: the topsoil, the bottom (where I assume the best, most processed parts are), the middle (where it's all hot, mushy, and a lot of the insects, bugs, and larvae...
Shee-it. All the damn time, now, and Viv is only 15 days old! I have to go.
My 2 week old daughter often prefers to sleep with her head in the crook of my arm. This is nice for both of us up to a point. After something like 2.5 hours or so, my arm gets really sore and I have to move. Luckily, Vivian has usually decided that it's time to eat before that, and I pass her off to S. So, I feel your pain. I don't really have any suggestions, other than moving your arm.
I prefer cloth diapers. We recieved some disposables from the hospital and some from relatives, which we are using for nighttime and traveling. But it's not as fun or as good for the environment, so I won't be disappointed when we run out.
Allowing a child to play with toy guns to learn about good and evil is absolutely ridiculous. Also, teaching a child to associate a cop or a robber or anyone else with absolute good and absolute evil is stupid. I had to get that offa my chest. I am, technically, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I didn't have toy guns, but tree branches sufficed nicely. I played war in the woods behind my house. All that being said, I would not allow toy guns into my...
Quote: Originally Posted by sidshappymamma MASH Sienfeld King of the Hill Twin Peaks Lost early The X-Files The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mystery Science Theater Finally! Someone who knows good television. Who was your favorite host?
Well, Viv certainly seems to enjoy getting the Led out. Everytime we went to a prenataly appointment, we heard at least one song by Led Zepplin. It was only a half hour drive, too, so it wasn't like it was bound to happen. Also, she seems to respond to a musician called Devendra Banhart. Also, she likes reggae.
I'm not sure what your stance on vaccinating people is, but you may want to rethink the vaccines they recommend for kittens. We are only vaxing against rabies for our newest feline. It is the law. We've had her for 3 months and still haven't taken her to the vet. She is absolutely fine, and helps us care for our newest human.
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