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i play drums. my husband and i play in a band together so that has made it hard for us to continue playing gigs since having a child. our daughter is 2 and a half. she loves going to the studio to practice with us. she takes her own case of instruments and alternates between them, and sitting on my lap drumming with me. practice is ok, but gigs are hard with her! i think we have to start new bands. his and mine. that way we can play out sometimes.
my 2 and a half year old has started taking forever to eat and she always asks me to feed her now. she used to eat up fairly quickly and feed herself. but gradually seems to have gotten 'lazy' about it - i don't really know if that is the reason. she can take over an hour to eat dinner. i tell her if she isn't hungry, we can have dinner later, but she says she wants to eat. we always eat together and i stay at the table with her until she is done, but it is driving me...
my wheatgrass isn't sprouting - can anyone help? maybe my seeds are too old? i think i have had them about a year and a half. this is what i did: soaked seeds for about 8 hrs. drained and put on soil in cut off milk cartons sprinkled soil on top and watered. covered loosely with newspaper to keep dark. have been watering every day for 4 days now and still NO SIGN of sprouts. thanks
my 2 year old is slowly growing out of her eczema i think. it flared up a little while ago (in the winter) and i decided to cut out SOY products (we are vegetarians, living in asia, so we eat a lot of soy). it had been 2 weeks now and her skin is looking much better. there are so many factors though, like weather and chemicals, it is so hard to know what effects it. but my advice is keep the skin covered and start eliminating some foods.
my 2 year old is probably a bit advanced in english, her minority language, and a bit late with japanese (we live in japan).
anyone? my daughter gets so shy and won't do or say anything so often when we are out because people are pointing her out to their friends or gawking/talking about her in a very obvious way. if she's out with her dad, she blends in and doesn't get special attention for looking different. should i talk to her about it? explain why this happens or just leave it? sometimes i want to ask people to stop it because it makes her uncomfortable, but that'd be rude and i'd...
i'm australian, married to a japanese man, with a 2yr old daughter. i've been transplanted here for 11 years but lately there is talk of moving to australia for good.....exciting and scary at the same time! sometimes i feel stuck between the expats here short-term and the regular japanese. i don't really fit in with either. (that sounds worse than it really is!). to get japanese citizenship, i'd have to give up australian citizenship, so i won't be doing it.
Charcol is magic!
have you heard any Music Together songs? check their web-site. its music FOR kids but not too silly, cutsie or annoying. my 2 year old took to it right away. we don't go to the classes , i just bought the cd. but i don't think there is anything wrong with just playing regular adult music for kids.
i'm australian, husband is japanese, we live in japan. we eat a lot of japanese food but i'm vegetarian so nothing is truly authentic and i suppose a lot of the 'strange' or freaky foods are off the list for us seeing as there are no animals on our table! but yeah, i try hard to encourage our daughter to eat and LIKE traditional japanese food mostly because i don't want to give people reason to pick her out as not being japanese (if that makes sense). slimy foods included!
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