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this has worked for us - soak a gauze cloth in cool water with a drop of lavender essential oil if you have it. place cloth on itchy area for a few minutes or as long as babe will sit still. this should bring some relief. afterwards, rub a little calendula oil or jojoba oil on. (try to rub these oils on BEFORE thry get really itchy as i don't think they soothe, just prevent itchiness)
grind up some sesame seeds and coat the onigiri with them, or mix through the cooked rice or just sprinkle a bit on the top. when you put the rice in the the rice cooker, throw in some peas as well - pea onigiri!
my daughter is 15 months and i STILL leak, but mostly only during a feed or if she is waaay overdue for a feed. thanks, i'll try that technique of pushing the nipple!
yes, hubs is japanese. i actually just found a few schools in our prefecture, none are super close but it could work out! bub is only one year old, so we still have a few years... thanks, i'll check those yahoo groups.
wow, sounds great! my i ask where you live in japan? we are in nagoya. sadly there are no montessori schools near us...i'm planning on doing some M homeschooling soon, so am looking for ideas.
typical meal at my house: miso soup with tofu and spring onion rice pumpkin simmered in soy sauce&mirin grilled tempeh with mushroom gravy pickled cucumbers
neil's yard is nice and light.
when my daughter was 2 months old she had terrible skin problems, so i stoppd eating dairy (have been ovo-lacto for 15years). i have no real personal desire to give up dairy but found is fairly easy to do because i was doing it for my baby. if you think you might find giving up dairy hard, then doing it after your baby is born is probably the easiest time. doing it FOR YOUR CHILD it is probably the BEST motivation you could have. once your bebe is here, you'll do anything...
this is easy, yum and a good way to clean out the fridge. layer a baking dish with 1)cooked brown rice (or any grain), 2)thinly sliced onion, 3) thinly sliced turnip (any vege would do though) 3) mashed up tofu mixed with miso, soy sauce, sesame paste to taste 4) pour over a little liquid (soymilk or vege stock) bake for about 30 mins , until golden.
my daughter is the same age as your child. she has only JUST started eating solids most of the time i offer her them. like yours, she ate well at first, then went through a period of total disinterest, but now she is back. she has food three times a day. i'd say she eats about 2 or 3 tablespoons at each sitting. she still b/feeds a lot though, so i don't know how much the food fills her up......
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