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eat beans & nuts!! i don't eat much soy, just tofu (i live in japan, the land of YUMMY tofu) and am doing fine protein-wise.
when my daughter was a few weeks old i realized that when i made a big to-do when she had done a poo she started to cry. i suppose  she was picking up on my nagativity. now i try not to freak out at the explosions. i don't really think there is any connection with sexuality. toilet training, maybe.....
weleda baby CALENDULA GESICHTSCREME is a good one!! but you know, any creams are just a bandaid and won't actually FIX the eczema. i had great success with my baby's excema (on her face) by increasing my protein intake, taking flax oil and acidophilus supplements. bubs is still breastfed so i took those instead of giving them to bubs directly. good luck!
my bub is 5months old,ebf and she poos once every 3 or 4 days. the first few months every time i changed her nappy, she had done a poo - 5 or more times a day!
i live in japan and my babe is only 4 months old, so i'm not sure but it seems to me that when children turn one here, it is expected that you have stopped b/feeding. none of my japanese friends have b/fed longer than 1 year. i have an english friend here, who is still b/feeding her 2 yr old and she gets a LOT of grief from her japanese in-laws about it. they tell her there is no nutrition left in her milk and she will make her boy clingy.
just add a few drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus or lavender essential oils to the wash (final rinse) and they'll be fine (no coating). i put a few drops in my nappy bucket while they are soaking too.
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