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I'm so sorry too and I agree about the restraining order. 
Yes it really does suck. I'm sorry :(
In the meantime I'd use your local urgent care instead. If your Ped doesn't respect you and you have to stand up for your rights anyway, at least you won't have to wait so long to be seen. They may not even bug you about the vaccines there. They never ask if my kids are up to date when we go. 
Ohhhh yea.   You need a family practice doc (a GP or a DO). Pediatricians are notoriously difficult with "alternative" type choices regarding treatment. Family doctors are typically more tolerant and DO's are awesome because they are practicing doctors but tend to be more holistic. I know a lot of us around here have been through similar difficulties (me included). We went through no less than FOUR doctors before finding a DO and we love him so much that I think if...
Do you have a family doc that you trust?   I don't mess around with coughing because breathing problems can become serious and fast. Also if she is getting worse instead of improving, I would be concerned not only asthma but possible infection (pneumonia). In my opinion she needs to be seen by a professional if for nothing else than taking a stethoscope to her lungs and listening. A true wheeze can be difficult to hear even for the pros but some prevention now can...
Here is an old thread but its nice and long so you may find some insight. How scary for you! I hope this helps even just a little. Moms dealing with elevated lead levels. 
Hi there.   I moved your post from Toddlers over here, not realizing that there was an existing thread over already, so I locked the other one with a link to this one. Sorry for any confusion and I do hope your DS is ok. 
Please join existing thread here. Thanks :)
  Yes make the call! If you are pregnant and need to take something, they can help you figure out what the different classes of drugs are and what you may be able to take during pregnancy.   I understand not functioning (believe me). You KNOW you need help so please get it.   
What information are you looking for? If its harming him? I've used it before with no problems on my ds. Steroid use isn't great but I am thankful to see his symptoms relieved while we do other testing etc.   
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