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You might need up to 10,000 IU of D a day or more.   http://www.westonaprice.org/cod-liver-oil/cod-liver-oil-basics
On no worries!   I just felt the need to clarify.  
Here it is. 
I know what you mean about getting sick too much. That seems to happen to us in the winter time as well. I see we are both in northern climates....which means we probably lack vitamin D. Do you do cod liver oil or some other kind of D? That couldn't hurt. I don't take nearly as much as I should.    Maybe drink more water as well. Green tea has caffeine and maybe isn't helping your hydration. There was a looong thread floating around here forever about sodium...
I also hope that I did not come across as minimizing Bipolar disorder. Especially since I have it, and know too well the havoc that it can wreak on life. I will say though that even if his behavior IS driven by the disorder, it just doesn't give him a free pass to make you suffer.   So sorry.        
Maybe your son going to his dad's for the weekend is a blessing for you right now. You will have a little space to do what you have to do (which is cut your losses!) Your dp's bipolar doesn't give him license to treat you like crap. You've been over-functioning for him long enough.  
Hugs to you Caneel. 
  Hijacking just to note that I have a BA in psych and DEFINITELY had to take and (do well in) statistics in order to graduate.\ hijack 
I read every word and I am in tears because your story is SO reminiscent of my own that its almost shocking.   I lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly when I was 9 months pregnant with my first child. We lived 6 hours apart so we didn't see each other regularly. I kept having a hard time getting a hold of him and I would mention it to people who would just kinda brush it off  (he was a bit of a recluse so it wasn't out of the norm for him not to be available). But it...
I am so very sorry for your loss.    Ronnie 
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