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I'm glad to have come across this thread! I'm not vegetarian but have an egg and milk allergic kid as well and I did know about the protein powder as egg replacement trick! Too cool! 
I only did quiet time when my kids were really little because they stopped napping when they were still babies and physically needed the rest/downtime. I don't think you can force "enjoyment" especially through tears and tantrums. 
I agree with the above poster. A real lifeguard is a must. They are CPR certified and trained in rescue techniques. "Acting" as a lifeguard sounds like a recipe for trouble. 
I never knew that oil pulling was done this way. I'm gonna try it. 
Probiotics can cause either diarrhea or constipation as they re work the balance of bacteria in the gut but you may want to try one that has no dairy and see how he does. It's all trial and error I'm afraid! 
Isn't pertussis considered most dangerous for ages 6 months and younger?     I would just do the usual, make sure they get enough sleep, hand washing, proper diet and hydration, supplements. That way their little immune systems can hopefully handle whatever they come into contact with. I wouldn't choose to do abx as preventative. I don't even like them when they are needed tbh, but I do cave if there is an infection present.   Wouldn't pertussis be viral anyway? 
Weaning actually caused a major hormone drop for me and a major depressive episode (one of the worst I've ever had). You shouldn't have to wean to start taking meds. Check out Dr. Hale's breastfeeding and medication manual to find something compatible. 
Did you mean to post this to a specific thread?
It sounds like asthma that is not under control yet. Not all asthma responds to the same meds.     
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