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How old is she?
Don't tell me lead crystal is bad!   I am a dish fanatic and had my head in the sand over that one.   
I definitely think the dairy could be causing the mucous. Maybe you could try a powered probiotic until he is feeling better? 
Feel free to join the other thread here. 
I know Mothering has been through a lot of changes in the past but we still do not advocate conversations that defend cry it out.   Please read the guidelines above this forum as well as our User Agreement.       
I'm locking this just because its cross posted but feel free to join the other thread in Health and Healing. 
This thread is from August....
Daddy Spike welcome to MDC.   I do ask that you familiarize yourself with our User Agreement and Terms of Service. We don't host discussions on the merits of physical punishment.       Aside from that, I do not see this topic as something that pertains to Stay at Home Parenting so I am going to move it over to Parenting.
Its hard to wrap the mind around something so sad.   I have a friend who has a child with a brain tumor and she amazes me. Her attitude is this, "Whatever happens tomorrow, however bad, I refuse to let it ruin TODAY".    I'm not sure I could be so strong but it seems we don't know really how much we can handle until we have to.     
I'm locking this again because its devolved into attacks and name calling which is against the UA.   I'm not sure if it will be re opened or not at this point.   The OP said she was willing to listen to other viewpoints but unfortunately folks are having a hard time keeping it respectful and the fruits of that kind of behavior is thread closure.   Sorry.      
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