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You are at your wits end, doing everything you can possibly think of to meet his needs. To me that is the definition of a GREAT mom. You aren't leaving him neglected and ignored. 
I used to try to keep everything kind of "Waldorfy" and natural for my kids but have received SO much other stuff that I never would have purchased on my own that they absolutely love.   I guess the older they get, the less strict I feel about it all. Really anything can be an opportunity for learning. My 6 year old loves to take apart electronic things to try and see how they work.   He couldn't really do that with a wooden block kwim?  
I am thinking that having this thread in the Allergies forum may be helpful for you with these elimination diet questions. That's where our resident experts reside. Oh and I've been there. I had a puker who ended up being dangerously allergic to a lot of things. 
I'm opening this but let's remember to keep the conversation on a level that fosters discussion and not insults and fighting.    Thanks 
Our local Community Center does birthday parties for around $100 and that includes invitations, organized games, cake etc. Finances are always an issue for us as well but I could never have all of those kids in my house. They wouldn't even fit. I guess my advice is to call around and price the kid parties that businesses provide and then compare costs and then decide if you can swing it.   Another idea; how about a pavilion at a local park? You can bring a pizza and...
Feel free to join the conversation here.    Thank you :)
I would let go of the tv watching guilt. If it actually helps your daughter stay calm and gives you a few moments peace then I see it as less of a negative and more of a blessing ;)  
My dd is allergic to MUCH more than just dairy as well. Dairy could still be in your diet without you necessarily realizing it though. Are you aware of the different terms? Caesin for one (sp).  
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Please feel free to join the existing discussion here.    Thank you. 
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