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Thank you for your honesty.  
I think there is some good discussion going on here and that in the grand scheme its helpful for OP to see different perspectives on what her friend is going through. So with that being said, as long as we keep the conversation civil and respectful, we're all good.        
Whey is a milk protein and there may be more hidden milk proteins in your food that you didn't realize. Any spreadable butter? Almonds could also be a problem.    I'm inclined to move this over to the Allergies forum for you.         
Quote:   Mothering does not advocate CIO.      From our Terms of Service:         
She is 4 now and we learned of her allergies when she was 10 months. She had a serious reaction around that time. She allergic to other things though too, not just milk. She knows. She's never known any differently. It can be a hard road to walk at first but it does become the new "normal".    Definitely check out our allergy forum for all of that stuff. Recipes, commiseration, etc.     
      Yes!   I could have written this.   *sigh*        
Nice to see you! My dd has a severe dairy allergy as well. If you haven't been there yet the Allergy forum here is an amazing resource.   
subbing so I can add these to our Resource list 
We received a report about the use of "ignorant" to describe the member's statements. Describing the statement is different from describing the individual, which would be name calling. However, "wannabe" is often used as a pejorative term.    I hope that is not the case here so I think an edit would be best to better express the intent.       
Please feel free to join the existing thread here. Thank you. 
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