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Please feel free to join the existing thread here. 
Please feel free to join the existing thread here. Thanks :) 
Oh I do think that crying is stressful for a baby. Definitely send your husband! You may be able to refuse some of the shots too, if you didn't know that. I was in a similar situation and I made sure that wherever my baby went, Dh was right there. 
Is your therapist a psychiatrist? I ask because I went for years only using a therapist and my general MD for treatment of my depression but years later after finally seeing an actual psychiatrist I learned that I am actually bipolar and that the SSRI's that I had been prescribed for years only served to make the condition worse.    And I like my MD. She's just not qualified to diagnose psychiatric disorders. Neither is a therapist. I have also seen this trend happen...
You certainly have commiseration! I have always struggled with my mental health. Some days are better than others. I take meds. I had to! Motherhood, between the hormones and everything else that goes along with it had me thrown for a MAJOR loop. I'm a much better mama being a medicated one. I wish I had some sage words for you. It can be so hard. I will say that it helps me not to compare myself to other moms. Its hard not to do that but I find my self esteem is...
Hi there. I see that you cross posted in Dr. Bob's forum. We don't like to host cross posted threads but since only the expert can reply in that forum I'll let it go. I just wanted to let you know for future reference. I'm also going to move this over to Health and Healing. I hope everything works out for your dd.     
I'm going to ask Admin about your reply trouble. Sorry about that! 
I think people have different philosophies about that. I was thrown a shower for my first but then not my second and it did make me feel kind of bad to be honest. Like the second didn't count as much as the first. I guess people figure that you already have everything you need or something but to me it felt like a slight at the time. 
WOW! Thank you!!!!
I'm going to move this over to Health and Healing. 
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