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Check e bay. 
It bothers me but my kids have definitely heard the word used (and worse). I tried to be very protective about what they've been allowed to see but just living their lives has exposed them to some things (like Sponge Bob) that I wouldn't have otherwise allowed. You know what I do? Use it as a shining example of whats NOT ok to say and/or do.   I act very disappointed/shocked when I notice something like that and they always say, "We know its naughty mom. Don't...
My dd has severe food allergies. When I think she may have be having a reaction, the first thing I tend to look for is the absence of fever. Given your dd may have a bit of an elevated temp, you may need to wait things out a bit. Maybe try milk again when all the symptoms are gone.    Just my  though. I would definitely post in the Allergy forum when and if you need to in the future. The mamas over there are amazingly smart. 
Hot weather is a good point. I have ac in my house but I've been using a flannel top sheet in lieu of a blanket. Good point about the kids getting tangled too. We co sleep and I think that may originally be why I did away with them.     Now, about going topless; my sheets are um, sagging a little and I'm not sure they are ready to be exposed.      
I actually stopped using a top sheet awhile ago too but only because my duvet cover gets washed regularly. Or in the warmer months I use a light blanket that also gets washed. I agree that no top sheet with a comforter that doesn't get laundered regularly kinda squicks me out.  One time when I was travelling I stayed at some little cheap motel and there was no top sheet on the bed, to use with the motel comforter!  I complained but they kept bringing me more fitted...
Would you give guests the top sheet?   This is coming from someone with a messy house, but I would keep them. They also work in a pinch as a bottom sheet or making a bed up on a couch for someone.    Or, are they cute? Do you sew? Maybe convert them into curtains or even clothes?
Practitioner reviews belong here. 
The problem with Amazon (I feel) is that everything ships separately and the cost does add up for shipping.   
The only posts that will be accepted in this forum belong to the expert and the original poster.
The only posts that are accepted in this forum belong to the original poster and the expert. Any extra posts will be deleted. 
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